Finding Your Dreams in His Story

Life is a story and each day is a new page, and even though that sounds totally cliché, the ironic thing is, when we stop trying to figure it all out—when we shift from pursuing our dreams for our own agenda to being available for God to use to reach out to others, we start to see—to know—what we were put here to do. That’s been my experience, anyway. And I’m excited to share more about it over at today!…

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A few years ago, when I was watching The Next Food Network Star, one of the judges commented on a contestant, saying,

“It’s so interesting to me when we find these finalists who are running from the very thing that is in their bones. I saw a lot of passion in her; she just doesn’t have any focus.”

And I thought: that’s me.

As someone who has been passionate about many different writing projects over the years, I’ve wished more than once that one story would stand out above the rest as the only one I should be working on. I heard the judge say that and I instantly wanted more focus.

So I went to my laptop and sat down, determined… READ THE REST OF MY STORY over at