• "Genny has been a hugely popular presenter at our Women and Leadership conferences the past two years. Our more than 800 attendees use adjectives like animated & enthusiastic, engaging & fun, informed & informative, genuine & practical, and motivating & supportive when describing Genny. Her Mentors & Sponsors and Personal Branding workshops are standing room only events. And, her personal stories are lauded for bringing concepts to life and illustrating her messages in practical terms. So glad to have Genny as part of our Women and Leadership team!"

    Tracy Andrus President & Chairman, Andrus Center for Public Policy
  • "Genny’s recent speaking engagement at HP Inc. during our Women's Impact Network annual leadership event was incredibly impactful. The event was enormously successful due in a large part to Genny's talent, with over 1,490 total attendees during the week-long event, which included employees that attended from all over the world including Hong Kong, Korea, and Turkey. Genny not only provided relevant content unique to the current times, she also provided our teams actionable steps for growth. She has a talent for engaging the audience, even in a remote environment. The response to her speaking engagement was overwhelmingly full of praise! Thank you Genny for presenting at our event; we would love to have you back again!"

    Dawn Goldman, PMI-ACP HP Inc., Commercial Software Solutions
  • Genny truly is incredible at making a lifelong impact on those she presents to. From the moment she started speaking, she drew the audience in with her positivity, humor, and authenticity. You can tell she gets great pride from motivating people and truly wants to help those she speaks to become better in all aspects of life! Genny left my team and I inspired, motivated to start making a difference in how we approach life immediately. Thank you for an INCREDIBLE presentation, Genny!

    Austin Kline ICCU Business Relationship Officer, Culture Lead
  • "Genny is engaging and passionate about coaching women to recognize their strengths and discover their best self! Our Women’s Leadership Network invited Genny as a guest speaker at one of our Professional Development Speaker Series events focused on personal branding and how to discover your strengths. Her expertise on the topic is evident and her authentic and engaging approach left us wanting more. She brings life to the material and motivates her audience to truly dig deep and discover their inner worth – it’s priceless. When our members leave feedback such as 'it’s always great to see such presentations with the human element added and personified' and 'thank you so much, super insightful and excited to spend time on Personal Branding – you are a gift to this world', we know we hit the mark. We look forward to inviting her back!"

    Mary Jo Case Micron Womens Leadership Network Professional Development Co-Chair
  • "HRATV (Human Resources Association Treasure Valley) had the privilege of scheduling Genny Heikka for our monthly professional development and networking event, where she presented on The Power of Your Personal Brand. It was a very timely and informative presentation on an important topic for all of us personally and professionally! In addition to her inspirational, high-quality content, Genny was an absolute joy to work with. If you are looking for someone to help move you and/or your organization forward, I would highly recommend Genny as a coach, consultant and/or speaker at your next event!"

    ~Jill Murphy Programs Chair, HRATV
  • "A recent partnership with Genny resulted in a very successful Women's Skill Builders Series for more than 800 participants over the course of three weeks! The series covered topics of mentors, sponsors, and personal branding and were highly sought-after by employees. Genny brought her expertise and heart-warming anecdotes which left our audiences with a sense of empowerment to own their careers. She's incredibly easy to engage for planning and execution, she keeps it real, and she's able to draw people in and establish a connection very quickly. She also met us where we needed her most – on video conference – which enabled us to scale to hundreds of dispersed employees and maintain a high level of engagement through a virtual format. The online sessions were truly Do Not Disturb Worthy!' one of our participants commented - I couldn't agree more! Thanks for an awesome series, Genny!"

    Adrienne Massie Employee Engagement Manager, Hewlett-Packard
  • "Genny has a remarkable talent for bringing her material to life through humility, storytelling, and an exceptional grasp of the subject matter. Presenting to our group can be a daunting challenge for some, but Genny was extraordinarily well-prepared with an approach tailored to our veterans, and even more so, to their goals and objectives. We place a high priority on providing value-added content for our Warriors, and Genny’s presentation on personal branding was insightful and relevant to everyone in the room, staff included!"

    Brent Taylor CEO, Wyakin Foundation
  • "Genny is the real deal! From the moment she started speaking, she drew the audience in with her humor and authenticity. Not only does she have deep knowledge and insight into how to build a personal brand that you can be proud of, but she motivates people to want to become better in all aspects of life! Genny leaves the audience inspired, motivated and armed with practical tools needed to start making a difference immediately!"

    Tara Tackett Marketing, Hewlett-Packard
  • “Genny is extremely passionate about helping people elevate their own passions and purpose! We brought her in to speak to our team at Peppershock Media, and she presented and shared her expertise and experiences in the area of personal branding. She’s provided excellent guidance and coaching for our people, and encouraged us to really think about how our individual personal brands align with our company’s brand. She was great to have on our Peppershock Marketing Expedition podcasts as well!”

    Rhea Allen CEO, Peppershock Media
  • “Genny is not only an engaging, informative and authentic speaker but she is also an incredibly kind person. She recently spoke at our Serve Idaho Conference and our attendees loved her keynote on networking! I would definitely recommend Genny to anyone, I know we look forward to having her speak again.”

    Kirstin Mann Serve Idaho: The Governor’s Commission on Service and Volunteerism
  • "Genny's heart and passion for others is as authentic as they come! Our student leaders found her presentation engaging and informative. They also appreciated the personal insights she shared that helped them develop personally as well as progress in their careers. I always enjoy working with Genny and look forward to having her visit our team again!"

    Jentry Walsh Assistant Director Student Union and University Events, Boise State University
  • “Genny is absolutely amazing to work with! She is extremely helpful, relatable, and kind... Thank you Genny for your enthusiasm for life and wanting to help those around you!”

    Emily Piery Account Management, Events, Wisconsin
  • "Genny is the real deal! You walk away from Genny’s training feeling energized, excited and ready to take on the world. She levels up what it means to be an authentic and kind human. Her message makes you feel passionate and inspired. Genny truly is a master at her craft. I would highly recommend Genny for your next event, meeting, or one on one coaching!"

    Ronda Conger Vice President, CBH Homes
  • "If you are looking for a speaker that can instantly connect with your audience while delivering incredibly valuable content, look no further. Genny brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience to every event! What’s more, she delivers her message through genuine and significant personal stories and examples. It’s not often that you can find a presenter that is able to share such incredible insights in such a humble and relatable way. Genny is a delight to work with before, during and after her appearances. Her down to earth presence instantly puts the audience at ease. We were fortunate enough to have her attend and speak at our recent Women’s Leadership Summit. Both her energy and message have been highly praised by all who attended. You know it’s a WIN when the only time you see attendees on their cell phones is to take a picture of the presenter in front of them!"

    Bobby Wiejaczka Regional Partner, Texas Roadhouse
  • “Genny is sensational! From the prep work in getting to know her audience, to the planning and logistics of our time with her, to the delivery of her messages… she was tremendous! Our team thought she was as authentic as they come: sharing deep insights into personal branding using anecdotes from her own life! Genny brings a ray of light, positivity, hope, and foundational knowledge to a room filled with leaders at every level.”

    Jenn Pressner-Taylor Regional Marketing Director, Texas Roadhouse Restaurants
  • "When I first met with Genny to talk about our event, it was like she was reading my mind. Her experience and message to this generation is so relevant and her ideas were exactly what I was looking for. She connected immediately with our students because she was vulnerable and shared her story, but also gave very practical and encouraging advice to them as they navigate life through the college years. We loved having Genny and look forward to working with her again in the future!"

    Sara Swanson Boise State University Assistant Athletic Director/Student Athlete Development
  • "Many people need to hear and can benefit from Genny’s messages, so if you have the chance, take it! Genny has now presented at 2 of our company’s events, a coach retreat and our annual Women’s Leadership Series. Each time she has delivered a message of empowerment, self-confidence and personal branding that leaves our leaders feeling energized and inspired. One thing our leaders who have heard her message love most about her is how her message is not about changing who you are to be like someone else, but rather to use your own personal strengths and uniqueness to create a brand for yourself and create your own path to success. She is so relatable and down to earth that the people who are listening to her message feel like they are having an intimate conversation with a close friend."

    Mike Murphy Market Partner, Texas Roadhouse
  • “Genny spoke for our annual women’s conference as our keynote speaker and she was fabulous! She has professionalism from the beginning and was easy to work with. Her energy and passion came through as vibrantly as she spoke. She gave you actual steps to move forward from where you’re at, no matter what that looks like. You came away from her talk with a new unique awakening for yourself and a big genuine smile! We will definitely be asking her back in the future!”

    Sherri Lies Chairwoman of 7B Women’s Annual Conference
  • "I’ve worked with Genny on a number of projects. She’s an incredible leader that can balance the needs of people and business brilliantly. People love working with her. She doesn’t rattle under pressure which speaks to her character, high EQ and depth of experience. Any room she’s in gets better immediately. I highly recommend."

    CJ Alvarado CEO Bamboo Creative
  • "When our team wanted to create a special event for women, Genny was the speaker that immediately came to mind. I had seen Genny speak previously, both at business and church events, and knew her engaging style would resonate. The event was a huge success, and in large part, that is due to Genny‘s message! She was engaging, knowledgeable, humorous, and relatable. Her message about rebuilding in our lives was powerful, and the comment I have received the most is actually a question, 'When can we have Genny back?' I’m not sure when it will be, but I know we will definitely have Genny back to speak at Foothills Boise!"

    Kim Peake Foothills Church, Boise
  • "Genny is fun and entertaining, but more than that, she has a heart to help women be the best they can be. She’s so real, sharing both her triumphs and failures from her own life, and she is an encouragement! I wish we could have her speak every time we meet!"

    Amy Cherry MOPS
  • “Genny was a joy to work with and her presentation was inspiring and engaging! She gave the class concrete tools and examples to help each participant take the lead in establishing their own personal brand. We look forward to working with her again in the future!”

    Teresa Baker Program Director, Idaho State Bar, Idaho Academy of Leadership for Lawyers
  • "Genny is an inspiration! She is a friend to women and knows how to encourage us. Her personal style is relational and engaging, and she makes you feel like you have known her for years. She left us all wanting more!"

    Carrie Zenker Director, Rancho Murieta Community Church
  • "Genny's talk was the highlight of our year. All of our women were able to come away with things they could do to improve their lives. Many of our women thought this was our best meeting of the year and that they need to hear this talk every month. Genny’s ability to relate to our situations touched everyone!"

    Lisa Sietsema Finance Coordinator
  • "We recently partnered with Genny on a Women’s event for our church and the women absolutely loved her talk on REBUILDING! In a follow-up survey, women commented on being inspired by Genny's authenticity, humor, and ability to relate to everyday struggles with grace, humility and a sense of humor. She was a pleasure to work with! We will definitely partner with her again in the future!"

    Dayna Mitchell, Adult Ministry Director, Foothills Boise
  • "I saw Genny speak at a Women and Leadership Conference at Boise State University and at a Woman's Impact Network event at Hewlett Packard in 2018. She's very knowledgeable and authentic, and incorporates her personal stories throughout her content, which is really nice. Personal Branding is so relevant in all situations and her teachings made it clear about how important it is for each of us to focus on managing and strengthening this for ourselves--and just how easily it can be done. Thank you so much Genny!"

    Cassandra Meyers Hewlett Packard
  • "Genny is fun and entertaining, but more than that, she has a heart to help women be the best they can be. She’s so real, sharing both her triumphs and failures from her own life, and she is an encouragement! I wish we could have her speak every time we meet!"

    Amy Cherry Coordinator, MOPS
  • "Working with Genny has been absolutely essential to my success this year. I set major goals for the first time for my business and personal life—and with her coaching system was able to follow through and achieve many of them—some even ahead of schedule. With Genny's help, my freelance business has had its best year ever. I’m looking forward to continued success with Genny’s support!"

    Ben DeRienzo CEO, See Sweet Creative, Inc.
  • "Genny is a warm, relational, funny and inspirational speaker! She shares down to earth and practical insights that both inform and encourage women. I know we will be contacting Genny again!"

    Mary Foss Women's Leader, ACC
  • "Genny has a deep and sincere desire to see women flourish. Her delightful optimism, coupled with business savvy, chart the path to both individual and shared success. She’s a skilled communicator, making her an ideal fit for igniting a new vision for the future and imparting the skills to get there."

    Kirsten Holmberg President, Platform Idaho, Idaho Speaker's Bureau
  • "I have worked with Genny on several projects and she is a huge asset. She is well-educated and well-read on the topic of leadership; she stays current on all that’s out there and she leads out of selfless strength, authenticity, passion and encouragement. Genny’s positive, 'glass half-full' outlook is inspiring, contagious and motivational. I find myself getting excited about anything that comes out of Genny’s mouth!"

    Pam Strain SEARCH
  • "Genny speaks from the heart, is real, relatable and authentic. Every woman in the room was able to connect with her story. We left feeling encouraged and inspired. Genny truly has a gift. We look forward to inviting her back in the near future!"

    Allie Suydam Foundations Coordinator, Bayside Granite Bay
  • "Genny was a breath of fresh air! She spoke right to our hearts and urged us to remember that our words and actions can inspire others to greatness. She also encouraged us to seek personal healing from our past if needed so that we can live free from fear. It was a great encouragement!"

    Natalie Boudreau Coordinator, MOPS
  • "I heard Genny speak at a businesswomen’s networking event where she encouraged women to listen for the calling on their lives and to say yes to opportunity. She was so transparent... I have now been exploring my own life to discover if there is a fear that is holding me back. Genny encouraged us to not be held back by fear, but to press forward to live out the plan for our lives."

    Shauna O'Donnel Roseville Granite Bay Business Women's Network
  • "Genny is excellent in whatever topic she speaks about and she's relatable, funny, and honest! She has outstanding leadership qualities and a heart to reach and encourage other women of influence."

    Kelly Bueno Director/Coach, MOPS
  • "Genny had a great balance of honesty, depth, practicality, laughter, and entertainment. She shared a lot of information and perspectives that we were grateful to hear. The conversation around our tables after her presentation were great. We are definitely going to have her back to share one of her other topics!"

    Yvonne Enbom Coordinator, MOPS
  • "Genny was inspiring, fun, and challenging! We look forward to having her come back!"

    Michelle Winter M2M Coordinator, Bridgeway

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