Hi! I'm Genny

I help women like you thrive and lead. I've seen the power of living your purpose, and my passion is to help you find yours.

I'm a business owner, personal branding coach, proud mom to a daughter and son (who are both way taller than me now), and wife to an amazing guy who also happens to be my high school sweetheart. I love coaching women, consulting with companies, and sharing inspirational messages that help women thrive.

You can read about my expertise and background here (along with some of the everyday stuff). And feel free to check out my main passions below. If you want to learn more or are interested in working with me, I'd love to talk!

Motivational Speaking

One of the first times I remember having the feeling that comes with just knowing your purpose was when I spoke to a large audience. I walked on stage with my knees shaking, but beyond the nerves, there was something in that moment that spoke to my soul. Today, I'm lucky to be able to share with audiences frequently, and I'd love to come see you!  See my speaking page for more.

Coaching & Consulting 

Visit me at my coaching and consulting practice Her Team Success to see the ways I help women and companies with personal branding. You can read about how it all started in The Story too (which is totally different than how I first thought I'd announce it!).

Events: Live Inspired, Fearless and Thriving

Join me at an upcoming LIFT event and learn how to Live Inspired, Fearless and Thriving.  I co-founded this organization with two friends, and we're blown away by what's happened with an idea that began over coffee and has turned into so much more for so many women (you can read about that in this Open Letter to the Woman Who Feels Like There's Something Missing).

What people I've worked with have said:

Genny is sensational! From the prep work in getting to know her audience, to the planning and logistics of our time with her, to the delivery of her messages… she was tremendous! Our team thought she was as authentic as they come: sharing deep insights into personal branding using anecdotes from her own life! Genny brings a ray of light, positivity, hope, and foundational knowledge to a room filled with leaders at every level.” 

Jenn Pressner-Taylor, Regional Marketing Director, Texas Roadhouse Restaurants

"I’ve worked with Genny on a number projects. She’s an incredible leader that can balance the needs of people and business brilliantly. People love working with her. She doesn’t rattle under pressure which speaks to her character, high EQ and depth of experience. Any room she’s in gets better immediately. I highly recommend."     

CJ Alvarado, CEO Bamboo Creative

"Genny's heart and passion for others is as authentic as they come! Our student leaders found her presentation engaging and informative. They also appreciated the personal insights she shared that helped them develop personally as well as progress in their careers. I always enjoy working with Genny and look forward to having her visit our team again!"

Jentry Walsh, Assistant Director Student Union and University Events, Boise State University

"Genny is fun and entertaining, but more than that, she has a heart to help women be the best they can be. She’s so real, sharing both her triumphs and failures from her own life, and she is an encouragement! I wish we could have her speak every time we meet!" 

Amy Cherry, MOPS 

"Genny is the real deal! From the moment she started speaking, she drew the audience in with her humor and authenticity. Not only does she have deep knowledge and insight into how to build a personal brand that you can be proud of, but she motivates people to want to become better in all aspects of life! Genny leaves the audience inspired, motivated and armed with practical tools needed to start making a difference immediately!"

Tara Tackett, Marketing, Hewlett-Packard 

"Genny is an inspiration! She is a friend to women and knows how to encourage us. Her personal style is relational and engaging, and she makes you feel like you have known her for years. She left us all wanting more!"

Carrie Zenker, Director, Rancho Murieta

“Genny spoke for our annual women’s conference as our keynote speaker and she was fabulous! She has professionalism from the beginning and was easy to work with. Her energy and passion came through as vibrantly as she spoke. She gave you actual steps to move forward from where you’re at, no matter what that looks like. You came away from her talk with a new unique awakening for yourself and a big genuine smile! We will definitely be asking her back in the future!”

Sherri Lies, Chairwoman of 7B Women’s Annual Conference.

See Media & Endorsements for more reviews.