My first video (and how this conference changed my life)

I did my first video taping a couple weeks ago and it was such an honor to be able to record some of my story for Courage to Be You’s upcoming Courage Conference (this weekend, Feb. 3rd and 4th!).

Courage Conference Testimony from Genny Heikka on Vimeo.

I have to admit, I was nervous before the recording (I’m much more comfortable speaking to people than to a camera), but the Film Producer/Director Jesse Dubord (who’s associated with Shadowformed Productions and who also just happens to have worked for Chuck Norris for the last few years!) did a great job and he really helped me to be comfortable.

There’s so much more that I wanted to share that I couldn’t fit into a 60 second spot (like how I got started volunteering for Courage to be You and what’s happened since then). I just can’t say enough about this organization and how dedicated it is to helping people find what they were born to do and then encouraging them to have the COURAGE to go do it!

Anyway, if you’re local to the Sacramento area (and even if you aren’t), come to the conference this weekend! It’s going to be great. There’s an incredible lineup of speakers and musicians who all have such inspiring stories to share. (When I went to the conference about a year and a half ago, it truly changed my perspective and made such an impact on my life. I’m so looking forward to going again this weekend.)

If you want to find out more or see more Courage Conference stories, visit

And if you come to the conference, definitely let me know! :)


  1. I’m nowhere near you but the video looks great. You did an awesome job. Hope the conference is completely awesome!

    1. Genny

      Thanks, Jessica! It was a great weekend!

  2. Joy

    LOVED the video. So nice to hear your sweet voice. The conference sounds wonderful. Wish I lived closer. Praying it will be life-changing for all who attend.

    1. Genny

      Joy, you are always so sweet and encouraging! Thank you; it was such a great conference. The speakers were so insprational. :)

  3. I loved hearing your voice, talking about purpose. I considered coming up for the conference this weekend, but won’t be able to. Keep me posted on future ones!

    1. Genny

      Thanks for the sweet words, Barbie. I so wish you could’ve come! Someday soon, hopefully. :)

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