When Women are Brave


We sat there, laughing and nodding as we shared stories and experiences around the long restaurant table. We started out with generalities and small talk, but quickly, our voices turned to the meaningful and significant. And before dinner was even served, we were leaning in close and talking about challenges we’ve faced as writers and […]  Continue reading Read more…

Inspiration for your New Year! How LIFT gave this woman a whole new perspective


A few weeks ago over at our LIFT blog, Pam, Kirsten and I asked for your videos about how last year’s LIFT event impacted you. And what better time than the start of a new year to share one of your inspiring stories! So here’s Lori… READ MORE AND SEE HER VIDEO HERE! Happy New Year, everyone! I’ll be […]  Continue reading Read more…

Quick schedule update


It’s been an exciting few months, with our LIFT event for women in the Boise area and several other speaking engagements! In fact, that’s why I’m posting this update with a quick note about my schedule. Pam, Kirsten and I have been asked to bring LIFT to a city near Boise later this year (details will […]  Continue reading Read more…