When you feel like it’s too late to pursue your dream…

Young female is writing notes and planning her schedule.

Early in my journey as a writer, when I first set out to pursue my dream of becoming an author, I dug out an old box that my mom had saved from my high school years. At the bottom, buried under dried prom and homecoming flowers, my graduation cap and gown, and pictures upon pictures of high school memories, I found essays, writing assignments, and poems I had written as a teenager.

I pored over my old writings, reading and remembering… and realizing the passion I had for words, even back then.

Inside a poetry binder that I’d turned in as an assignment for one of my English classes, I found a note from my teacher, Mrs. Wilson. It was written on several post-its, stuck together from the top of the page to the bottom, and had a list of compliments about my poetry (she was sweet; I think she said something nice about every poem I included in the binder).

And at the end of her note, she’d written something I’d completely forgotten about… READ THE REST OF MY STORY over at GodSizedDreams.com!