Muntean’s: you HAVE to go there

For those of you who live in the Sacramento area (and even for those who don’t, but might visit someday), I have to share something. (I’m not getting anything in exchange for this post; I just had to tell you about this…)

I was at a convention a couple weeks ago in downtown Sacramento and, during lunch one day, a friend and I walked a few blocks away from the hotel to grab a bite to eat. We were heading down J Street, planning on stopping at a Subway, when we happened upon this place:

It might not look like much from the outside, but, trust me, it is!

It’s Muntean’s, a family-owned soup, salad, and sandwich shop that serves Romanian, Hungarian and Greek food.

My friend and I took a quick glance at the menu that was propped up on the sidewalk and couldn’t resist going inside.

And we were so glad we did. We were immediately greeted by the owner, George, who showered us with taste after taste of his homemade soups. They were AMAZING.

When I saw a sign on the counter for a Veggie Falafa with tzaziki sauce and asked what the sauce was like, I was quickly offered a taste (it’s a Greek yogurt, garlic, dill sauce). I was blown away.

That’s what I ended up ordering and, can I just say, this lunch–made up of my first-ever Falafa wrapped in a warm pita with a bowl of homemade mushroom soup on the side–might’ve been the best lunch I ever had?!

You should’ve heard my friend and me eating; she ordered the exact same thing…. (“Oh my gosh, this is SO good,” over and over again.) I wish I would have thought to take a picture of our lunch, but I was too busy enjoying it!

It was one of those places that I just had to tell someone about because it was that good. So I asked George and his family if I could take their picture and post about their restaurant on my blog. He happily obliged (arent’ they a cute family? And they were so sweet too):

If you are ever in the Sacramento area, be SURE to stop by Muntean’s. You will love, love, love  it! (See the Veggie Falafa sign in the photo? That’s what I ordered. Soooo good!)