Braiding her hair…

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Braiding Her Hair

She’s twelve now and she stands almost eye to eye with me. With each day, she’s becoming more independent, and more sure of herself.

She likes reading and painting, swimming and fashion.

She doesn’t like spiders or scary movies, or going to bed early.

It seems like moments have been speeding into days and weeks lately, each one passing more quickly than I want it to. And with the tick of the clock, I feel it: she’s growing up, this pre-teen of mine.

Just a couple weeks ago, she volunteered (on her own) to be a special needs buddy at a camp at one of our local churches. She loved it so much, she volunteered at our church to do the same thing this week. It was beautiful to see her nurture and care for the younger kids that she helped—a first grader and a four-year-old.

It wasn’t long ago she was that age. (At least that’s how it seems to me.)

But even though she’s growing up, almost every night she comes and finds me…

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  1. That was just lovely! So VERY true how the time goes so quickly. Even though my oldest daughter is only 5, it feels like moments ago I was in the hospital with her. The little bit of braiding time we get is precious and tender and priceless, I love it too! Very insIghtful, God Bless you!

    1. Genny

      Oh I love how you called it “braiding time”… love it. I’ll remember that. :)

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