April showers bring…

More spring!

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Anything to do with spring… photos, decorations, cleaning tips, craft ideas… just post about something related to spring then come back and link up!

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I’ve already shared the signs of spring in my yard, but we just had a big rain and things are even more beautiful. As they say, April showers bring May flowers. Here are some shots from our backyard, and it’s not even May yet!…

I love this time of year!
What about you? What do you love about spring?


  1. What I love about spring is crocus and tulips, the bleeding hearts are blooming. My kids know that I love flowers. This week a got a bleeding heart and a dandelion and some other wild flower that is now sitting on my desk. I love the sun and that I can open my windows. I love hearing my kids play outside. I love the baby ducks or chicken depending on the year. (The kids take them to the county fair.) The peonies are poking through the ground.

  2. Gorgeous flowers. We don't have roses yet; the lilacs are just passing prime. I always wish spring could last a little longer…not being a beach-girl, I'm only so-so about summer. I like the times of year when it's actually pleasant to be out of doors.

  3. Beautiful photos…as always! Spring has sprung nearly a month early here in Minnesota! It's fabulous. I went with my daughter on a field trip yesterday afternoon and the drive there was amazing…so much springing to life in the trees, the colors, the smells…wish I would have remembered my camera! I love the freshness of it all…the new life budding forth…and the sunshine…after long Minnesota winters the sun and warmth is a welcome treat!Peace and blessings to your day!Jeanine

  4. One thing I am enjoying about spring in the South is that it seems to come a little earlier than what I was used to in the Midwest. The azaleas here are in bloom and are just spectacular. I've discovered that we have two in our yard that I didn't even know we had as we got here after they had bloomed.For me, one of the things I love most about spring is the smell. Just this morning I was out in the backyard with the dog and all I could smell was a light, fragrant smell of something in blossom. It was heavenly. I literally stood out there and just kept breathing it in. It's so strong I can even smell it in my garage, which for once is a delightful change! :)Thursday HUGS!!!

  5. Beautiful pics- I especially like the yellow rose. My favourite thing is the smell, as well. In that last week, there have been a couple days warm enough to have the french doors on my deck open- could smell the fresh cut grass, etc.

  6. Just found your blog from a Godly Gals post you wrote for Mel's World! It was such a blessing to me!! I'm your newest follower now so I can get to know you through your blog!! Have a great Thursday! =)

  7. Mmm, I'm just loving all these Spring photos! Looking forward to participating too!Blessings,Camie

  8. Jo

    I love water droplets on flowers – they look so beautiful. I am known to rush out after a rain to take photos.Enjoy spring – we are coming to the end of Autumn and I can feel winter in the air.

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