Mike gets to travel to some pretty amazing places for work.

Recently, he went to London.

We toyed with the idea of me tagging along, but I waited too long to get my passport so I couldn’t (plus it would’ve been hard with the kids’ activities).

But after he showed me some of the pictures he took, I was kicking myself. I really should’ve gone…

I could just imagine myself finding a quiet little coffee shop on some busy street corner and writing all day.

And I would’ve loved to have seen the sights with him. (Next time, for sure!)…

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15 Comments on Mike’s trip to London (I wish I could’ve gone!)

  1. great shots!
    London is definitely on my bucket list. (our nanny, whom we all loved liked family is from England and now resides in London and she’s DYING for us to all come visit…one day ;)

  2. Happy sigh. I love London. I used to go there for work all the time in a previous life…

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