Mommy Coupons from your kids

I think they’re one of the best presents you can get…

mommy coupons

I love the ones my daughter made me for my birthday a couple weeks ago…

And here’s possibly my favorite one (because sometimes we really can’t open our “catch-all” drawer in the kitchen…)

I’m looking forward to using these!  :)


  1. aww, Ive saved all of these type things!! So special, and what a thoughtful baby!! Love this! xoxo LA

  2. Oh those are so great, I remember making my moms those, and I hope my kids will make me some too!

  3. What a sweet and thoughtful gift! How creative too! I think I will show this to my oldest daughter. Mother's Day is around the corner, ya know. :-)Happy WW!

  4. LOL I wish my kids would clean out our junk drawer. We have several. LOL

  5. Is her spiritual gift serving? She also shows keen perception about the drawer! We must be a lot alike – drawers too full! When my second son cleans the kitchen, it looks so amazingly pristine – then I open a drawer! You are one very blessed mama! And you have one very beautiful spirited daughter!

  6. I agree! Those are the BEST gifts! What a sweet girl! The best coupon I ever got was good for a hug, and it said I could redeem it more than once! LOL! Pretty amazing, considering it was made by a ten year old BOY!

  7. Sue

    Awww…that is so sweet. I'm sure you'll put those to good use.Thanks for sharing. Happy WW♥

  8. I am so glad you took pictures of those…that way if you lose them (like I would) you'll still have them. That last one is AWESOME.

  9. Your daughter is so caring and creative! My son loves the dishes coupon, he keeps asking me to see the dishes she drew…something about it makes him happy :)

  10. OH my goodness! I remember when I use to do these for my Mommy!I can't wait till I get some homemade coupons! :-)Hugs,Traci

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