A quick note…

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great week.

Don’t you just love this time of year? Here in California, the trees are blooming, everything’s green, and the sunshine’s out. It’s been gorgeous!

A quick note: The kids are out of school next week and Mike’s taking a couple days off work, plus it’s my daughter’s birthday (I can’t believe she’ll be eleven) and we’ve got some fun plans for Easter,


I won’t be posting for a few days. (I won’t be having Mom-Mondays or Talkin’ Thursdays, but I’ll start again the week of April 5th. The topic for Talkin’ Thursdays will be DESSERTS so be sure to make something over the break, take pictures, then come back on the 8th and link up!)

I can’t wait to fill you in (after the break) on some things that have happened lately…

Like how another blogger and I discovered we only live a few miles from each other and recently met for coffee. :)

And how I’m working on an article for a parenting magazine featuring an amazing mom who’s making a huge difference in the lives of young girls (I’m so looking forward to sharing her story; I’ll post about it when the article comes out)…

But in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the signs of spring and some fun with your friends and family!

Have a beautiful Easter. Are your kids home for the break too? What are your plans for the holiday? :)


  1. So excited about this week- we're heading to California tomorrow morning.And I'm feeling spring in my step, I can tell you!

  2. Have a great break with your family! We just had our Spring Break here- consisted of a lot of hanging out, getting together with friends, sleep overs with cousins, saying yes more instead of "no, you have school tomorrow…". It went fast, but was good.

  3. I love spring the crocus are up in WI. My kids were on break last week. So they have school until Good Friday. Have a great week with your family.

  4. Enjoy your break and have fun – even with the rain coming in! Hmmm…wonder who that other blogger could be?! :)I posted today about taking my 2 week Spring Break! It feels good to take a break!Happy Resurrection Day a little early!

  5. The weather has been lovely here too. We've been spending hours and hours outdoors. I think spring may be my very favorite season. RE: desserts. I just finished eating a slice of homemade cheesecake. Mmmm. :)stephanie@metropolitanmama.net

  6. The weather certainly has been gorgeous and I hope you all have had a good spring break and Happy Birthday celebration!I will have to remember to come over on Thursday and link up as I have a yummy and super easy desert to share. Happy Easter!

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