A Good Mom

I sat there at a book event, helping kids to write their own stories, when a mom and her eight-year-old daughter walked up.

“She’s written a book all by herself at home,” the mom said proudly.

I showed the girl the paper and pens we had at the table. “Do you want to write another one?” I asked.

She smiled and nodded. “It’s going to be about my hamster, Fuzzy,” she said.

“She calls him Bubba,” the mom added, smiling too.

Line by line, the girl meticulously wrote her story, pausing only occasionally to think, or to ask her mom a question.

Twenty minutes passed, then thirty.

Other kids came up to the table, wrote or colored a quick book, and left.

But that girl stayed, perfecting her story.

Her mom stood behind her, patiently waiting.

Not once did she rush her daughter, like so many parents did with their kids that day. (And like I might’ve done had my kids wanted to stay at the table that long.)

Instead, she watched and waited. “She’ll spend hours drawing and writing,” she said.

When the girl heard that, she stopped and looked up. “I get straight A’s,” she told me proudly.

“I bet you do,” I said.

I smiled at her mom with a lump in my throat, wanting to remember the patience she showed her daughter. “You’re a good mom,” I told her.

Humbly, she smiled back.

Then she pointed to her daughter. “She’s a good girl.”

And I was pretty sure that had a lot to do with how patient her mom was and how she treated her.  :)


  1. The patient level sadly fluctuates from day to day. Some days it takes a lot for the top to blow and other days it doesn't. I'm working on it though.In that situation I probably would have been okay had I had a place to sit and read while I waited. LOL!HugsKim

  2. Hope I can be as patient as that mom! I would totally be the "hurry up and finish" mom. Its hard to muster up that patience :) Thank goodness God's there to give me some of His!

  3. This totally made my all teary… I *know* I would have been rushing my kids…

  4. I find myself rushing my kids from time-to-time…even though I try hard not to. Seems their schedules rely on my schedule and if I'm in a hurry or didn't plan my time wisely, they get the brunt of it. It's something I have to keep working on every day. I'm getting better.

  5. That's so wonderful! My daughter is only one, but I sure hope that I will always be patient and encouraging to her. It makes a world of difference.

  6. Thanks Genny for the reminder! Blogging in this touched my heart.

  7. today…well, not so patient around here. Thanks for the reminder. That made me get a lump in my throat. I am fortunate enough to have many great moms around me to bounce things off of and to learn from.

  8. I have learned so much from my past experience as a parent that little Missy Moo has it SOOO good. I've managed to take the good…well, most of it and throw out the bad…well, most of it and apply it to raising her. Still, every day is a new adventure, an opportunity to be more of this and less of that. And so it goes…

  9. What a sweet story. I love that the mom deferred your praise back to her daughter. That only proved your point more. Whoever she is, I'm sure she is a wonderful mother.{And I think it's pretty awesome that you took the time to encourage her like that too}.stephanie@metropolitanmama.net

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