How to get more comments on your blog…

It’s a question I’ve been asked about more than a few times by fellow bloggers who are looking to grow their audience.

Since one of the purposes of Talkin About Thursdays (see button and instructions for joining in below) is to visit each other’s blogs and get people talking,

and since today’s topic is anything, with the only requirement being to stop by each other’s blogs and leave a comment,

I thought I’d take a minute to talk about comments today.

I have to start off by saying I love comments.

It’s through them that I’ve gotten to know many of you, and it’s through them that a sense of community has been built here.

I’ve discovered great blogs and resources, I’ve been touched by the way you’ve reached out to my friends and family, and I’ve laughed and cried — all as a result of you taking a minute to leave a comment. Thank you!

When I answered Lori’s question last week about growing her blog, I also emailed her some points about comments, because while I’m not an expert, I do have some thoughts on them and I wanted to encourage her.

Here are some of the things I shared:

Each comment, even if you only get one, is important. It’s a reflection that your post touched someone enough that they took the time to share their thoughts or respond in some way.

Remember that the number of comments on a post doesn’t necessarily reflect the number of people reading it. For example, last week, the day I got the least comments was also the day I got the most traffic on my blog. Another example: when I posted one of my most popular posts (Five Reasons Why Whiteboards Are The Greatest Parenting Tool Ever) last year, I got about 3,500 visits the first day it posted, but I think just about 30 comments, so you can see that the number of comments doesn’t always reflect the number of people reading. A post with just a few comments on it might be your best post ever, as well as your most-read.

As much as you can, be personal in your comments on other people’s blogs and in your responses to the comments on yours. While it’s not always possible to respond to every comment I get, I do read and appreciate each one. Sometimes, I’ll email a response. Sometimes, I’ll stop by that person’s blog. And as many times as I can, if I learn something from a reader’s comments or if it’s something I want to share, I’ll try to mention it in a later post, or link to that person at some point in the future.

-While comments are an important part of fostering a sense of community on any blog, try not to get caught up in focusing on quantity. Focus on providing value and appreciating and interacting with your readers instead. :)

If you’re a blogger and you’ve been wondering about comments, I hope this helps in some small way.

And if you’re interested in visiting other blogs or introducing yours, join in and link up today for Talkin’ About Thursdays

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  1. It's my first time participating in Talkin' about Thursdays =) What a wonderful idea! Very excitied to be a part of this Meme from here on out.By the way what a perfect timing for your post on commenting. As a somewhat new blogger its easy to get discouraged from time to time when you post something that you consider to be good and yet you only get verrry few responses even after all the networking and such which can easily bring a rookie blogger like myself down on those bloggy down days. But, just tonight I came to the same conclusion as what you spoke of. Thanks & Great post.Much Luv,Karen

  2. Is it Thursday already? No, I think it's only Wednesday. Well technically it is Thursday now…but I haven't gone to bed so it's still Wednesday to me. Oh my…I think I need to go to bed cause this comment makes no sense at all. I just wanted to comment cause your post was about comments. Ok, I understand if you never come near my blog again cause you think I am completely crazy. I'm not, I promise. Sheesh…I'm going to bed now. I will check back tomorrow, or today or whatever to see what we're talking about on Thursday. :) Sorry. :(

  3. I am a fairly new blogger as well and have learned how important it is to build community and the importance of leaving personalized comments. My following is growing and I know it's because I try to leave comments for others as much as I can. It is encourage to receive comment love! Looking forward to visiting and commenting on others blogs!!!

  4. I agree with you Genny, comments really bring about a sense of friendship and community. But I know that not everyone has the to leave one every day. This came on a perfect day because I am asking for some help on my blog today and now maybe some of your readers will help with that. LOL!I'm glad I stumbled across your blog my friend. It's been a blessings.HugsKim

  5. Comments are very scattered, but I've been thinking lately that it makes a difference if I respond on the blog…as if more people believe that I care what they say if I respond.The trouble with comments is that it takes extra time. And I have horrible troubles with Blogspot blogs. I write the comment and put in my name/URL, and the first time I hit "submit" it does an error; the second time, it asks for the word verification, and then finally it posts.With all that, it ends up taking a lot of time to leave comments. I do it, but I also wonder how others balance the networking/comment leaving time with their other commitments. Especially those of us 1) writing 2) with small kids. Genny, I would just LOVE to hear how you balance those scales.

  6. I just wanted to say thank you! This is the third time I am participating in your weekly Thursday activity and I have been to so many interesting blogs and "met" so many interesting women. I appreciate what you are doing!

  7. This is my second time participating and I have enjoyed this! Comments are very important and a blessing to receive as well as give. Thanks for hosting and being such a blessing.

  8. Great thoughts about comments Genny – I completely agree! They are a wonderful way to build community and make new friends. I think your post will help new bloggers not to be discouraged by low comments – comments represent a small fraction of the people reading and to even have 1 is a blessing!Oh – just had to tell you – the word I have to type in for word verification is SO perfect!! It's "mingle"! Love it! :)

  9. Great points Genny! You have always done a wonderful job of responding to comments AND following up with a blog visit, which I personally feel is the best way to do it!Blessings-Amanda

  10. Jo

    Some days I get no comments (and think I have no friends!! – but I always know that my three brothers read my blog regularly so I know I am not completely alone!!).I find comments very uplifting – especailly when they arrive on a day when I am feeling down.But I do have a question – how can I monitor the "traffic" – the number of people who stop and visit my blog each day.

  11. those are great tips Genny, I think we all love comments if makes us feel like someone is reading our blog :)

  12. Cool! I just found this and I love it! Thanks for sharing! I was just thinking today about my comments as my last two posts didn't yield any comments at all!I too love comments! I also try to leave a comment every time a read a new blog too!Blessings to you! I look forward to participating in Talking Thursdays!Camie

  13. Jo,You can go to and install a tracking widget on your site. They have instructions on how do do it there. Hope that helps! :)

  14. Jo

    Thanks kindly – I have set up the monitor and I will see how it works:)

  15. Your Talkin' About Thursdays has really led me to some great women's blogs that I comment on regularly. I think having a forum style column like that would help any blog grow. Thanks for you tips.Kellie

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