Here are some moms (with great parenting advice) you won’t want to miss!

I’m excited to introduce you to the amazing women on my Finding Mommy Bliss team. These mamas have huge hearts, love encouraging others, and inspire me with their passion for parenting. I’ve loved getting to know them over the past few months–hearing their unique stories and experiences–and I know you will too!

Here’s a little about each of them, in their own words (be sure to read through to the end because some of them give great nuggets of parenting advice!)…

1colorJulie Sanders

I’m blessed to be the mom of a college daughter and a high school son who have taught me so much about myself. We’ve lived and traveled far together, but the miles have bonded us close to each other and have given us a heart for people. Now we make the Southeastern US our home, where camping has been a sweet spot for family times. I’ve learned to embrace mothering the way God made me and not try to be someone else’s mom. Mothering is not what I expected, but so much more than I could’ve dreamed!

*Julie didn’t mention this, but she also has a passion for helping victims of trafficking and recently spearheaded the book project Released – 30 Days to Stand for Freedom. She also has a new book for expectant moms coming out this year, so stay tuned for that. Yay, Julie!


Jennifer Edwards

I’m a writer, blogger and editor. I’m a mother of two amazing teenagers, one of which is about to leave the nest and head to college. So exciting, stressful, and nerve-wracking all at the same time! After staying home with them for the past 18 years, I am rediscovering myself and what I want the next half of my life to be like. Two years ago, I discovered a love for writing and established my own writing and editing business. I recently launched my blog Truth Bites to provide a little insight, a new perspective and some clarity about many of the issues we as women face today, motherhood included. I’m also the author of a Bible study companion guide to God’s Radical Plan for Wives, by Gil & Dana Stieglitz, and I write a monthly e-newsletter, The Radical Wife. If there is something I’ve learned about motherhood, it’s this: My kids are their own people with goals and dreams of their own, many I may not necessarily like or approve of and don’t necessarily have control over. That being said, I can rest knowing that God loves them more than I do, and He has good things in mind for each of them. My role during these tumultuous years is to listen, guide, and help where I can, not judge, demand, or criticize. God’s got this and it will be ok.


Joyce Moy

I’m a business major turned PreK teacher turned stay-at-home mommy to two little girls. I like to dabble in a little bit of everything, from writing newsletters (for our family and for MOPS), to crafting, to trying out new recipes…basically I like to try new things. I am married to Norm and our girls are ages 7 and 4. Some of our family favorites are trying new foods, going on walks, and doing anything related to music. I love God, family and friends, date nights, board games, books, and blogging. I have a heart for family ministries, and connecting families with resources to help them grow together. You can find me at our family blog Keeping Up with the Moys or over at HelloMornings.

IMG_4325Charissa Steyn

I believe every day is an adventure, no matter how boring or mundane it may feel. The adventure really took off when I met and married my best friend and South African sweetheart, Michal. We have a passion to see people all over the world encounter the life-changing love of God, and are currently fulfilling a dream of living in the Netherlands. I enjoy getting out for an early morning run, encouraging others to live adventurously through my writing and life-coaching, and filling my home with yummy food and beautiful friends. I have a fun-loving 23-month old son, and a precious baby girl. My favorite thing about being a mom is the way it challenges me to let go of myself constantly! {and how rewarding and freeing that actually is!} If I could give mamas one bit of advice it be: never ever forget that your work as a mother is eternally significant, even on those days where you fail miserably or feel invisible.


Satin Pelfrey

I’m a wife, step-mamma, daughter, sister,friend & writer at My Heart, His Words. I love Jesus more than anything in the world. Transparent writing is most important to me, as you will see my heart in all my writings. I’m passionate about Jesus and the life He’s blessed me with and I want to be a willing vessel He can use. I love being a step-mamma and watching God teach me as much as He uses me to teach my stepson. My one piece of advice for mammas and step-mammas alike: Don’t be afraid to be transparent with your fears, your frustrations and your failures. You’re not alone! God has given us each other to lean on for encouragement, support, love and prayers.


Barbie Swihart

I’ve been married nearly 26 years to an amazing man and we have four beautiful children (23, 20, 13 and 10).  They are a family of worship leaders and worshippers, all using their vocal and musical gifts to glorify the Lord at the house of prayer where I am also employed full time. When I’m not teaching Sunday School, doing church administration, painting as worship, or prayer leading in the house of prayer, I blog at My Freshly Brewed Life where I share glimpses of His love and sprinkles of His grace for every day living. I am the author of Coffee Talk With Jesus: Intimate Chats With The Savior, which are letters from the heart of God to his daughters. On stressful days, I enjoy a few cups of good coffee and a lot of chocolate!


Lindsey Bell

I’m a stay-at-home mother to two ornery little boys, a minister’s wife, and a blogger at I’m also the author of Searching for Sanity: 52 Insights from the Parents of the Bible. My favorite thing about being a mom is getting the chance to cuddle with two amazing little boys who will one day grow up to change the world. If I could offer one piece of advice to other moms, it would be this: Enjoy the moments, because what they say is true: it really does go by fast. And these moments–even the hard ones–are the things we will remember some day with a smile.



Deb Wolf

I’m blessed to be part of the Finding Mommy Bliss team. I wish I’d had this book years ago when my children were still at home. Today, I’m blessed to enjoy each day with my dear husband and one-year-old Cavapoo, Sadie, and I cherish every visit with our children and grandchildren. As a blogging fanatic, I’m Managing Editor at 5 Minutes for Faith, a writer for HomeGoods – Design Happy Blog, and sole proprietor at Counting My Blessings—and Celebrating the Grace-filled LifeMy nugget of advice to moms is this: It’s not always your fault, dear mom. Your children have free-will. Love them. Guide them. Forgive them. And FORGIVE yourself . . . just as God in Christ Jesus has forgiven you. You are loved and you are doing a great job!


Pam Thompson

I have been married to my college sweetheart, Matt, for 19 years. We have six children ranging in age from 17 to 4 year old twins. (Next school year they will be in five different schools from University to Preschool!). I’ve been blogging for the past 7 years and have seen go through as many changes as I have gone through, from a home school mom blog, to a mom of twins blog, to what it is now: a blog for encouraging all mothers, but especially those who work outside the home and struggle with balance, guilt, and trying to “do it all.” My favorite part about being a mom is watching my kids grow and develop unique personalities and talents. My best bit of advice for moms would be: “Motherhood is a marathon, not a sprint–don’t burn yourself out in the first 13 miles!’


Leah Blomberg

I’m a child of God, a farmer’s wife, a homeschool/work-at-home mommy of three. I work as a Usborne Book Consultant and blog over at Among Many Blessings about faith, being a mommy and a homeschooling. I love being able to create messes, make memories, and instill a life of faith and learning into my kids. Being a mom was a beautiful blessing. One piece of advice I would give is to let go, embrace the imperfectness of our life, and look for God’s beauty in the mundane. 



Cay Gibson

I’m a Louisiana native and I live with my husband of 28 years and our five children. I work as the director of religious education in our church parish, while writing literary resources on the side. I enjoy reading, camping, traveling, raising chickens, and pretending I’m a hobby farmer. You can look for my new children’s book “Cajun ‘Ti Beau and the Cocodries published by Pelican Publishing in Sept. 2014. I blog under Cajun oaks at




*Not pictured here, but also a key part of the Mommy Bliss book launch efforts and team:

Farah Jasmine, Julie Gorman, Carolyn Hutchinson, Hayley Stevens, Tonya Speelman, Emily Simmons, Joanne Viola, Coleen Austin, Tosca Johnson, Lynn Cowell, Kris Whitman, and Mary Hampton.

Thank you, amazing ladies for being part of my book launch team!


    1. Awww, thanks Melissa. This team really is made up of some amazing gals.

      Looking forward to chatting this Fri!

  1. Genny, I loved being part of this team of awesome ladies. Thank you! I know Finding Mommy Bliss will continue to be a wonderful blessing to moms who find themselves in need of encouragement. Blessings to you sweet friend.

  2. So glad I got to be a part of your Finding Mommy Bliss launch team, Genny. So happy for you and your successes! Please keep going and know that your work in inspiring moms and women in general is working. God bless you!

  3. I was so glad to help you share “the bliss” Genny! Thank you for including me. I’m excited to know that so many moms will be encouraged to find the joy in motherhood and to make the most of the moments in each day. I know I’ve been blessed and they will be too!

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