Delirious kitchens, guest posts, mommy business cards, and a whole bunch of other fun stuff…

1. Did this week fly by or what? I’m loving the weather here in California and can’t believe the trees are already blossoming…

Isn’t it gorgeous?  

2. I saw a saying over at Braley’s Mama’s blog: A messy kitchen is a happy kitchen and this kitchen is delirious!  I love it, especially because I’ve been trying to focus on getting out of my cooking rut lately.

That being said, I’m excited to share next week’s Talkin’ Thursdays topic: Dinner Recipes. I have a special guest post planned too, so be sure to check my sidebar for details, share a recipe of your own, and link up on Thursday!

3. Speaking of guest posts, are you interested in writing one for MyCup2Yours? I’m about to launch into a final round of edits to my middle grade novel and I’m putting together a presentation for a conference I’m speaking at, so I’m thinking about publishing some guest posts over the next month.

If you’re interested, please email me your post (it can be any topic or length, but please browse around here a bit before submitting to get a feel for what types of things I post about. You can send me a link to something you’ve already written on your own blog too, if you think it might fit.). My email is, and I’ll let you know if I plan to use what you send me!

4. I’m over at 5MinutesforFaith this weekend talking about a surprise I gave my son and how it got me thinking about the gifts in my life. Stop on by!

5. Something I found over at Jennifer’s blog that I thought was pretty cool: Mommy Business Cards. Not only would they make sharing contact information easier (at play dates, in the classroom, with coaches, etc.), but the job of a mom is important and official. Why shouldn’t it feel like it?  :)

6. If you have a blog, here are some great resources that some blogging friends of mine posted about recently:

Stephanie at Metropolitan Mama had a great link to an article about how to get your blog posts retweeted.

Jessica at Bookin’ It had a post about backing up your blog on your hard drive, which I finally just did.

And Sandy at Momisodes recently told me about a great photography site too. It’s called Picnik and it lets you do all kinds of fun things with your photos. I checked it out and can’t wait to start having fun with the pictures I’m taking.

7. Last, to end things on a funny note, you have to stop by Kim’s site and watch this quick video of this bride laughing. I’m so glad Kim joined in on Talkin’ Thursdays with this post because it had me cracking up!

Have a great weekend, everyone. I’m looking forward to seeing you on Mom-Monday!

For more 7 Quick Takes, be sure and stop by Jennifer’s Conversion Diary.


  1. That tree is just gorgeous. It definitely doesn't look like that here!Thanks for sharing the link about backing up your blog on your hard drive. I'm going to do that!

  2. I live in So. Cal and today I was driving home and was amazed at all the new blooms… crazy.Love to you.Kelly

  3. That tree is gorgeous! And mommy biz cards? Love it!Now I'm gonna go watch that bride laugh. *grin*

  4. I just love your posts! Thank you for sharing them every day. The tree is gorgeous! Oh how fabulous it would be to see something like that here right now. I'm afraid we Minnesotans have a few more months to wait before we even see the hint of trees that beautiful!Oh…and #7 had me in laughing out loud to the point of my husband saying, "What are you watching?"Happy Friday!Jeanine

  5. Don't you just love those trees? I like to call them our California snow trees!

  6. That tree in blossom makes me want Spring! What a beautiful sight to see when it's still so wintery here. We are expected to get hit again Sunday and Monday with another snow storm. Good luck with your writing project and your speaking engagement. I'm behind you 100%!

  7. Thanks for the sweet words! And Kellie, I'm behind your writing 100% too. Keep me posted on that novel!


  9. The weather has been rotten here but we have finally had two days of sun! It has done wonders for everyone's attitude.

  10. Jo

    What a lovely photo the tree is covered in so much blossom. In a few weeks we will start to see the leaves turn orange as Autumn arrives (my favourite season).Why do really fun weeks zoom by so quickly and not so good weeks/boring or dull weeks just drag on. Its not fair!!

  11. That tree is beautiful. I am so ready for spring here! Now following you from MBC. Would love if you stop by and visit me!

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