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I loved hearing about your goals last week.  And I’m looking forward to reading about what you did for Valentine’s Day.
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Here’s what I did:

My parents were visiting for my dad’s birthday and they offered to watch the kids one night so Mike and I could go on a date.

We had a great time.

We enjoyed a long dinner (without any interruptions!).

It was a beautiful night out, so after dinner we walked around the fountains,

sat by the fire pit,

and when we passed a chic little clothing store, Mike totally surprised me and said, “Let’s go in and get you something.” (He’s not a shopper and neither am I; I usually like to know exactly what I’m looking for, go to the place I’ll find it, get it, and be done.)

But we had the best time shopping together.


I tried on some really fun outfits and he got a massage while he waited…

The store had the cutest clothes–like the black dress with the really cool pattern down the side, and the white shirt with silver rhinestones around the waist, but, seriously, where would I wear them? (Probably not to the grocery store or to help in the kids’ classrooms…lol.)

So I ended up picking out a pair of jeans (that I absolutely love). We had a great night… talking and laughing and totally ignoring the clock.

But my favorite part was when I opened my fortune cookie at dinner and read…

and Mike looked at me and said, “I’m interested in you.”  :)



  1. kim

    Love love love love love those jeans!!! What a fun valentine's day!

  2. Awwww.. I loved the fortune cooking and his response! Too sweet! And the jeans are cute but the top sounded cute too, LOL!HugsKimWe didn't get to go out for Valentine's as he had to work but we went out for our anniversary yesterday and for some reason it's ending up as my Friday Funnies tomorrow! LOL

  3. Genny –That is the sweetest, most precious, romantic recap ever!!! :)Leo and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day — not really sure why, but we keep it low-key. Sometimes I just like to go out to dinner for the heck of it and to me, those are always the best nights out. Completely unexpected, like your shopping trip! Btw, those jeans are ADORABLE!!!Loved ur fortune too! So cute! :)

  4. Oh that's GREAT! What a romantic evening together! I love it. (and well done hubby – shopping, and sexy comments?! You go!)

  5. I am loving those jeans, but I do not think they will fit me! Sounds like a great weekend!

  6. So glad you had a great Valentines. My favorite part is the one of the cookie, so romantic.

  7. Love the jeans…and love how sweet your husband is. Saw you were following me. I'm following you now. I love the concept of your blog! I look forward to enjoying a cup of coffee and reading more and getting to know you and some of your followers!

  8. Such a lovely evening!! And you were so close to me being at the Fountains! Isn't it fun there? Thanks for sharing your evening with us! I made a special dinner for the family, which turned out nice.

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