This Little Prayer of Mine…

As a mom, I love seeing my kids’ faith grow.

I love hearing how their prayers have changed from memorized toddler bedtime prayers (“Now I lay me down to sleep…”) to prayers of their hearts (“Please help me with my test tomorrow…”).

And I love the fact that my kids know, no matter what happens in life, they are never alone.

God is with them, and He hears them.

So when Author Anthony DeStefano recently contacted me about his new book, This Little Prayer of Mine, I was excited to read it.

From the first words…

“I know you’re up in heaven, God,

and can hear my voice from there.”

I was drawn in. 

The book not only reminds kids that God’s love is always there–whether they’re scared, happy, sad, or unsure–it also shows them how they can pass that love on into the world.

I love that message.

And I especially love the reminder near the end of the book…

“But when I trust in you, my God,
and in your plan for me,
I know there’s nothing in the world
that I can’t do or be.”

The beautiful illustrations by Marc Elliott, and the sweet rhyming text by Anthony, combine to make this heartwarming story about the never-ending love of God one that kids will love.  If you get a minute, check it out.  :)

*Disclaimer: This is not a paid review (although I did receive a copy of the book to read). I just think it’s a great book for kids and was happy to share it. :)


  1. This sounds like a precious book. And I agree I love hearing how their prayers graduate to more meaningful heartfelt prayers.HugsKim

  2. That sounds like a wonderful book! I love the cover. Now I am going to check out the other illustrations:) Have a great day!!!

  3. What a sweet book! I love hearing my 3 year old pray. She has the sweetest prayers. She prays for my best friend (who she adores) that is undergoing cancer treatments and she also prays for an amazing 6 year old little girl named Kate McRae (, who she's never met, that is fighting a brain tumor. Kids prayers are the sweetest:) Thanks for sharing the book. I'm a new follower from MBC.

  4. I always love a great book recommendation!! Thanks Genny. :)Be blessed-Amanda

  5. Sounds awesome! I will pick that one up…looks great. Nice to meet you…hope you are having a great week!

  6. My husband and I used to own a Christian Bookstore, and my primary job(besides customer service) was the purchasing. I would go crazy over all the children't books that came available. It was sometimes hard to decide what to carry. Good books truly do make a difference in our childrens' lives, especially when it comes to understanding themselves and spiritual things.

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