Healthy foods, a note about the weekend, and other miscellaneous items…

1. Happy Friday, everyone. I hope you had a great week. This Quick Takes will be quick; my mom and dad are coming into town and we’re celebrating my mom’s birthday tonight. Should be fun!

2. I know I don’t normally post on the weekends, but I’ll be here on Saturday. You’ll see why if you stop by. I hope you do. :)

3. Looking for some healthy foods after all the holiday celebrating? Check out my friend Amanda’s smoothie recipe. It looks awesome and her photos are always gorgeous.

4. Speaking of photos, I’m having a ton of fun with my new camera. I recently discovered this excellent article about digital photography, shared at Geek Girl Reviews.

5. And if you’re interested in photographing food, read some more great tips here.

6. A sincere thank you to The Happy Little Wren, More Than a Mom, and Misadventures of a Mom of 3 for the blog awards this week. I truly appreciate it!

7. Last, for all you bloggers, I recommend reading Darren at ProBlogger’s excellent post titled 52 Blog Tips to Kick Start Your Blog in 2010.
Have a great weekend, everyone. I’ll look forward to seeing you on Saturday and Mom-Monday too!

For more 7 Quick Takes, be sure and stop by Jennifer’s Conversion Diary.

Talk soon,


  1. Happy Birthday Gennys Mom!! :)I totally get Darrens newletter too!! lol And was that blog post from Veganmum AWESOME or what??? I LOVE it. ANd THANK YOU for the totally sweet shout out sweet Genny… you bless me with your kindness.Have a WONDERFUL day sweet friend!Amanda

  2. Jo

    May you all have a lovely weekend.The blogging information was very useful.

  3. You know I'm a sucker for some photography hints and tips…I'll be heading over and checking out some articles! Enjoy the visit with your parents!

  4. I will definitely check out the links to the photography articles…it's something that I want to at least get a little better at!

  5. Jagelees

    Oh my stars.  This is so sweet, but doesn’t surprise me a bit.  He is, after all, your son!  :)

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