The not so mini disaster

We had a neighborhood party in our court recently.

I decided to bring cupcakes and brownies.

And my daughter decided it would be helpful to surprise me and make them ahead of time–while I was upstairs getting ready.

Remember the mini-disaster I told you about when my kids baked cookies a couple weeks ago?

Well, this one was not-so-mini.

I came downstairs to find her working happily in the kitchen, three different bowls of ingredients going on at once, and five (FIVE) boxes of cake and brownie mix open.

baking ingredients
She even had the cupcakes ready to go in the oven…

cupcake ingredients
It was one of those moments where you walk in the room and it takes you a minute to realize what’s happening.

And once I did realize, I had to take be careful about my reaction. “What are you doing?” I asked, trying to sound…ahem…pleased.

“I’m helping you!” she said proudly.

Even though it took a while to clean the kitchen, and we had to throw one batch of brownies out (the one in the clear bowl in the first picture) because it had a tad too much water in it, the rest of the desserts turned out great.

And it’s the thought that counts, anyway.

Right? :)



  1. very cute and hard not to laugh, but karma is going to get me if I laugh. My daughter has a mind of her own

  2. What a sweetheart, and good for you mom for not losing it when you saw the mess!

  3. I so have a hard time when my daughter is cooking, oh the mess, I haven't got it in her brain yet she must clean it. glad the cakes came out.

  4. Sue

    I guess the good thing is that they WANT to help… I hated helping out in the kitchen when I was a kid. I had too many older siblings who helped so by the time the kitchen "cleared out", I was 16 and it was the LAST thing on my mind. Glad it worked out well this time :-D

  5. Your reaction was so calm and careful. I must say I'm impressed! You must still be overflowing with brownie goodness!

  6. I'm sitting here planning next week's meals with my 12-year-old son who is now homeschooling. Cooking is one of his favorite things to do. I can't wait until we get in the kitchen. We're studying the countries in the South Pacific…New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand.

  7. At least you arrived at the party prepared–well prepared! What a sweetheart!

  8. Just keep encouraging that helpfulness, one day it will be wonderful!

  9. Even today I can only make one thing at a time otherwise I add the eggs to the wrong mix or something. My mind kind of reels seeing your kitchen! So glad you kept your cool and that you had such an eager helper :)

  10. SO cute…and since our son is only 2.5, all that "help" is right around the corner for me. Right now, his help is always caught ahead of time. LOL.

  11. Well, she was trying to help! I think you are a much more patient mom than I am! I was raised by a long line of yellers…I'm trying, praying, working on stopping!

  12. I love my little helper but sometimes I just wish he would wait for me to help him…. *sigh*

  13. Ali

    It sure was a sweet gesture though! Awww. My 9 year old girl is almost to the point where she wants to jump in and bake things herself. I don't look forward to the mess, but I do look forward to the independence.Blessings!

  14. The motivation for their actions is far more important isn't it?

  15. Yes, well I guess it is the thought that counts. I'm glad that it was only one batch that had to be disposed of. Very good, mom, with keeping your composure. :)

  16. How sweet of her to want to help. I suppose cleaning up the mess is worth it!

  17. That's ridiculously adorable. You're a good momma for not losing your marbles. I might have gone postal, just because our kitchen is small and incredibly difficult to clean. How'd they taste?? :)

  18. What a sweet daughter! P.S. "thou must not stock up on so many boxes of cake mixes at once…" :)Another p.s.: it almost looks like you have an identical kitchen countertop to mine. Quartz?

  19. Oh my goodness!!! You are SO MUCH stronger then me.. I would have FLIPPED OUT!!! LIke I needed ONE MORE Thing to clean!But you handeled it the RIGHT way!!Plus. Your kids are so dang cute. Its hard to not smile at those mugs huh?God bless!!!Amanda

  20. Awwwwww…Mommy's Little Helper! I love moments like these, even if they do end up a bit messy…

  21. "And once I did realize, I had to take be careful about my reaction. 'What are you doing?' I asked, trying to sound…ahem…pleased."I am trying to be more patient and less reactive to my children, too. Love her willingness to help :) !!

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