This was LIFT 2017!


LIFT 2017 was amazing! If you made it to the event, I’m so glad you were there! What an awesome thing to see that many women come together for a night of fun and inspiration. From the delicious desserts, to the amazing giveaways, to the inspiring conversation that took place around community, friendship and living […]  Continue reading Read more…

LIFT in the news (and the big night is tomorrow!)


In spite of the crazy Idaho weather we’ve had lately, we were excited to be able to head over to KTVB’s Channel 7 news and share about our 2017 LIFT event! What an awesome opportunity — and so much fun. Here are a few pictures below, but head over to our LIFT blog for more photos […]  Continue reading Read more…

That other kind of fear (and exciting date/time information)


When I was a little girl, my family and I went hiking in a place called Bonanza King. We were on a narrow trail high above a whitewater river, and I slipped and fell. I remember grabbing onto a rock on the side of the steep slope, terrified that I was going to fall. And […]  Continue reading Read more…

An open letter to the woman who feels like there’s something missing


Sitting here in this cafe, surrounded by groups of women who are leaning in close and confiding in each other, I’m more certain than ever that I need to write this. I hear it in the conversation that carries above the music, and I see it in the encouraging hugs of hello and goodbye; we […]  Continue reading Read more…

When you don’t feel good about your body: 5 things to remember


In my work with moms and women, I’ve had countless conversations about how we often struggle with our self-image. We look in the mirror and instead of appreciating our unique qualities, the negative self-talk begins. As someone who has struggled too, I know how it is to battle these feelings, and even obsessions. But there […]  Continue reading Read more…

What to remember when you’re facing change (and why it’s a beautiful certainty)


  A friend asked me recently how we did it — how we moved our two teenagers across states like that with one going into 8th grade and one going into 10th. How did we make it look so easy? she wondered. It wasn’t easy, I promised her. There were tears and unknowns and excruciating goodbyes. But […]  Continue reading Read more…

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