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This friend…

By Genny

“This all has to stop,” my friend sobs on the other end of the phone. I listen and nod. “I know,” I tell her. “I know.” And as I grapple for words–any words that might give her comfort right now–my heart breaks for this sweet friend of mine. This friend who, just an hour before […]  Continue reading

Released: 30 Days to Stand for Freedom

By Genny


Have you heard that there are more slaves now than in any time in history? Do you ever wonder how you can help? Would you take a step to learn more and pray if it would make a difference? I invite you to download the free ebook RELEASED: 30 Days to Stand for Freedom.  If you’ve been reading […]  Continue reading

Yes, you are…

By Genny

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I walked into the locker room at the gym the other day when a woman passed me, smiled, and said out of the blue, “You’re pretty.” I did sort of a double take, thinking she was talking to someone behind me, but there was nobody there. By the time I realized she was talking to me, she’d turned […]  Continue reading

Things our kids should (and shouldn’t) hear us say…

By Genny


Words are powerful. Especially our words as moms. They can lift our kids up, or they can tear them down. They can give them the courage to make mistakes (or admit mistakes), or they can fill them with fear and uncertainty. They can help our kids to believe in themselves, or they can cause them to doubt the very person they were […]  Continue reading

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