Today, I will be… silent


I head up to my eleven-year-old’s room to see if he’s ready for school.

His bed isn’t made.

His clothes aren’t picked up off the floor.

He hasn’t had breakfast.

And he’s still in his pajamas.

We have less than twenty minutes until we have to leave the house.

I sigh.

I’m about to yell, You need to hurry up or we’ll be late!…

The words are on the tip of my tongue.

But then he looks up at me.  “Watch, Mom,” he says. He’s sitting in the corner of his room, playing his guitar.

It’s hard to keep quiet and not hurry him along, but somehow I do.

He plays the new song he learned last week.

I can tell by his smile that he’s mastered it.

The sound is beautiful.

He finishes–proud–then sets his guitar in the corner and heads to his bathroom to get ready.

The next twenty minutes are hectic,

and we leave the house a little late.

But my son goes to school with music in his heart,

instead of echoes of my frustration.

And I am reminded of the importance of picking my battles,

and the value in


just being silent.


“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”  ~Berthold Auerbach