Labor and… a latte?


I was writing in a coffee shop a while ago when a man came in and bought a latte for his wife.

Beaming, he announced that she just went into labor and he was bringing the latte to her in the hospital.

And I thought…

a latte during labor?

That’s a girl after my own heart!

But the more I remembered when I was in labor,

the more I couldn’t exactly picture sipping a coffee. :)

I thought it was funny and cute, so I mentioned it on Facebook.

And I loved reading some of things people shared…

One friend said that her husband went shoe shopping while she was in labor and almost missed the birth.

Another said her husband went and got himself a hamburger, then came back and told her how great it tasted!

It was fun to hear the different stories, and I thought it’d be fun to hear yours too.


What did your husband do when you were in labor?… Help you through your breathing, hold your hand and support you, bring you a latte, go shoe shopping?… 

*For you dads, sorry this is a one-sided post! I’d ask you what your wife was doing, but I think I pretty much already know. :)