The mom and her daughter in the dressing room

pregnant belly

I walked into the dressing room of a store the other day to try some clothes on.

Another mom walked in beside me pushing a stroller with a newborn in it. She was balancing a stack of clothes in her arms and being trailed by her daughter, about three years old.

After they went into a stall and a few minutes passed, I heard the little girl ask, “What’s that?”

“That’s mommy’s tummy,” the mom answered.

There was a pause. Then,

“It’s big,” the girl said, innocently.

“Yes.” The mom was matter-of-fact. “It’s still big because your sister used to be in there. But it will get smaller again. That’s why mommy’s picking out some new clothes.”

“Oh,” the girl said, her mom’s answer satisfying her.

The conversation touched me, and it made me think about all that comes with being a mom–the good (a sweet little newborn asleep in a stroller), and the not-so-good (a body that’s different than it used to be, at least for a little while).

I loved the way the mom responded to her daughter–not defensive or irritated, but cheerful and sweet.

Here she was, just a short while after giving birth, back in the stores trying on some non-maternity-but-still-probably-bigger-than-her-normal-size clothes, and she took it all in stride.

As moms, we have to do that, right?

After all, we give a lot…

our bodies, our time, our sleep, our priorities…

our hearts.

And even though sometimes it’s hard to remember,

when you’re trying to fit back into your pre-pregnancy clothes,

or when you’re up in the middle of the night for the fifth time with a screaming baby,

or when you’re sitting at the doctor’s office all morning because both of your kids have ear infections,

it’s all temporary.

It’s all fleeting.

And it’s all so worth it. :)



  1. so true i loved this post i think its what i needed today so thank you. just when i began to stress at it again about me not having a job for now 14 plus months i remember that i gave my career to see my babies grow to see their milestones and to parent the best i can and not miss a thing and i wouldnt trade it for the world :)

  2. Yes, it is all worth it. I guess currently the biggest thing I'm putting on hold is my career so I can be home with my kids. Of course there are days I have doubts about my ability either way but then there are the hugs, the kisses, the overall feeling that they are truly pretty happy kids…wouldn't trade it for a second. Thanks for such a great post :)

  3. I, like Ruby and Dr.Mom, have put much of what I want to do with career on hold. As we've gone through the extreme dependence of infancy four times (our youngest is 18 mos now), each time I get a little less patient with the tough stages… kind of a "Can't we just hurry through this spitting out all solid foods phase, already?!" It's the very hardest for me with each child in their last year before elementary. My 4 1/2 year old is in that place right now and I find myself letting her play alone while I work on the computer more and more – seeing my freedom on the horizon. Your piece brought tears to my eyes and reminded me those days of having her in my home all day are very short indeed. I don't want to miss even one. Thanks for keeping me in the moment!-Laurie

  4. Such a great post. I wish I could say I've sacrificed a career to be home with my children. I have worked all of my life so I guess I sacrificed precious time with them so that they could be provided for. They are all great, God-loving kids so I am thankful and realize I've done it right.

  5. I used to think that I "gave up" this and that after I became a mom –e.g. being able to jet off somewhere at a drop of a hat, my career, etc. But now, I no longer see that I "gave up" anything. I have had those days and they were great –the traveling, the successful career, etc. –but (1) I had my fill and I was ready to move on and (2) all the things that I thought I gave up? Other things have come to fill their space –sweet baby smells, chubby little hands holding on to mine, wet sloppy kisses, gummy grins (oh yes, potty training, sleepless nights and some meltdowns, too)… I would pick parenthood any day.

  6. That was sweet the way that mother responded to her daughter. I tend to get easily annoyed but I need to remember her innocent nature. Definitely worth all the hardships that come with children. Sleep has been the hardest adjustment because now I don't get any, whereas before I was able to sleep in. But whatever downfalls that accompany children, there is so much more good. Her smile just radiates and when she hugs and kisses me it melts my heart and brings tears to my eyes…EVERY time. I just have an overwhelming love for her that I've never felt before.

  7. Oh Genny… you get me every time!! So touching… and I just adore your perspective!!!Be blessed-Amanda

  8. What a beautiful post. At this point in my parenting, I look back so very much and cherish all the memories. I want so much to tell mom's with little ones to just be patient, savor the little moments that can frustrate, they will be gone before you know it, and you'll wish they'd ask just ONE more question…

  9. I can't even think of anything that has been "given up." Yes…my body changed. My hair has gotten grayer…actually it's completely gray, but that's genetic, not because of my kids…and I just got tired of coloring it. Our bank account has changed. My life-style has changed. ALL FOR THE BETTER! I think it would be better to say that I've been "given to" rather than had to "give up." My kids are amazing and unique individuals and I cannot even begin to imagine what I would have lost in life by not having them. They have given me more than I could have possibly imagined!P.S. This post was so appropriate for my morning. I was driving Parker to school and he looked at my upper arm and just sort of smiled. I caught him and asked him if he was looking at the extra "jiggle?" He couldn't help but respond that he was…and then he giggled. Then he started poking my arm and saying, "jiggly, jiggly, jiggly." I really couldn't argue. My arms ARE a little "jiggly." So…I told him to go ahead and "jiggle" away all he wanted. And he did.Peace and blessings to your day!

  10. You always seem to notice the sweetest moments. That was very touching. It reminds me of when I was trying clothes on in a dressing room with my daughter and she asked what my cellulite was:O)I do not think I was as calm. I burst out laughing!

  11. Sweet post… and alot to think on.Reminded me of a favorite phrase I like to use. "My response makes or breaks a situation."That Momma handled it beautifully.Thanks for sharing!

  12. Beautiful post. I do my best to sacrifice a career to be a SAHM, and I've wrestled for years. I know being able to give them time and attention is the best gift I can give them, so I made physical sacrifices for that to happen. However, after reading Barbie's latest post, I realize I'd been hanging onto a core part of my heart that wants to do something else, that's still healing from pain from childhood.It's true, moms give so much and the hardest days are when we don't see where it goes…or when our kids are having struggles of their own while we're tired and weary from taking care of other things. For me, those days are ones where I appreciate blog posts like yours. In fact, I found you through your post, Some days, parenting is…hard. :) Thank you for this post today, it reminded me that YES it IS so worth it!!

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  14. This touched my heart. I am so glad the mom responded that way. I was not quite so gracious when my 2year old questioned very loudly while in a public bathroom stall with me once "Are you PEEING???" Whispered reply: "no" "Uh, are you POOING????" Actually, I think I was trying not to laugh at that one…One a serious note, I think I gave up being able to just sit down and read or relax, but I guess that's not that big of a deal in the long run. :) I don't really complain about that, as I already know, know, KNOW, I will miss the noise and busyness once our kids are grown!

  15. What a sweet story. The comments here are sweet to. With a one-year-old and one due in January, I try to grab every moment I have since I know that it won't last for very

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