A Yummy Disaster


My kids baked cookies last night.

By themselves.

It was quite an event…

They had a few problems cracking the eggs, I caught my eight-year-old pouring sugar straight out of the measuring cup… into his mouth, and they had a hard time getting all the ingredients into the mixing bowl.

The kitchen turned into a mini-disaster…

baking mess on counter
and when I told my kids that, my daughter replied, licking her fingers and smiling, “Yeah, but it’s a yummy disaster!”

She scooped the cookies a TAD bigger than normal, leaving one tiny cookie on the tray…

and then explained, “That one’s for my fish. He can’t eat chocolate chips.”

Minus all the mess and chaos–and the fact that the cookies came out the size of small pancakes and a little overdone–I have to say the kids did a great job.

The fish thought so too.

(Call me a bad fish owner, but the kids really did feed their fish cookies. And they seemed to like them just as much as we did. :)