A note to the world-changer: What are you putting your hope in?

Teenage girl enjoy with sun in the evening glowI keep a card on my fridge with a quote from Max Lucado that reads:

“If you ever wonder how in the world God could use you to change the world, look at these people. What people? The people God used to change history. People who found hope, not in their performance, but in God’s proverbially Open Arms.”

I’ve looked at the card countless times, yet each time I read it, the quote hits me as a fresh reminder.

Because over the years, as I’ve pursued my dreams of writing and speaking, there have been times I’ve forgotten that truth and put too much emphasis on my own performance. I’ve set goals and bent over backwards to exceed them. I’ve compared myself to others and let results dictate how I feel. I’ve faced challenges with a fierce determination to just try harder

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