Every smile, every laugh, every tear…

“You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.” Psalm 56:8

I tiptoe into to my daughter’s room to check if she’s asleep. It’s been a busy week and she’s had a lot on her plate.

Quietly, I stand next to her bed and look at her — my little girl, asleep, her head resting sideways on her pillow.

My little girl who is not so little anymore.

Slowly, silently, I sit on the edge of her bed and look around her room—at the pictures of her friends on her dresser, at the plaque on her wall that says Chase Your Dreams, at the pile of books on her desk.

I think about her future and how she’ll be in high school next year. I think about how much I want that time in her life to be filled with happiness, good friends, wonderful memories, safety…

I want her to achieve her dreams and goals.

I want things to always be good for her.

“God, help me to parent her well,” I pray.

My eyes sting.

When she was little, parenting was easier. (I used to think it would be easier as she got older, but now I know.)

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