We are back from my niece’s wedding and I am still smiling, thinking about what a special time it was. Kailee and Matt are such a cute couple and the wedding was truly amazing. She had so many creative ideas that she incorporated into the day that I just had to share some of them here. If you or someone you know is planning a wedding, I’d recommend doing some (or all!) of these ideas:

1. Personalized handkerchiefs to dry the happy tears.


Kailee gave these out to family before the ceremony and I thought it was such a cute idea.  And believe me, it got plenty of use!

2. A Unity Cross.


Instead of a unity candle during their ceremony, they had a unity cross. The dark outline of the cross represents the man and the silver cross represents the woman. Kailee and Matt used the three pins to put the crosses together during the ceremony (the silver fits inside the dark outline and the assembled cross is then put on a stand). It was such a beautiful symbol of love, and of their commitment to keep God at the center of their relationship.

3. Include your pets in the ceremony (in a locket).


This one is for all you animal lovers. Kailee and Matt have two dogs that they adore. But rather having them involved in the ceremony, Matt thoughtfully surprised Kailee and gave her a silver locket with both of their dogs pictures in it. Kailee tied it to her bouquet and held it with her during the ceremony, so in a small way, the dogs were a part of the festivities after all!

4. Naturally elegant.



Kailee decided to bring a sense of nature to her ceremony, using a birch arch instead of a traditional floral arch, and also incorporating birch and other natural elements into her other decorations. I can’t tell you how beautiful they were! I loved the natural yet elegent accents, and they added such a peaceful and beautiful feeling to the day.

5. A memory table.


Kailee and Matt set up a table to honor family members who have passed away. They had photos lined up in beautiful frames, along with a candle and a note. It was a really special way to honor and remember great-grandparents and others who are no longer with us.

It was a beautiful day and Mike and I and the kids had a wonderful time (our daughter isn’t in the picture below because she was in the wedding party and this was right before the wedding).


Have you been to any weddings lately? What fun ideas have you seen? Leave a comment and share!

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11 Comments on 5 Great Wedding Ideas

  1. I’ve never seen a Unity Cross before – what a great idea!  As is her natural theme/decor…and the memory table…all of it is gorgeous and brilliant! :)  And so is your family. ;)

    All Mixed Up

  2. What great tips!  My daughter is having an outdoor wedding and we were thinking the traditional unity candle may not work outdoors in the sun light and possible wind. I love the thought of a unity cross.  Can you send me more information as to how they can do this?  Where to find the pieces?

    • Sorry it took me a few days to reply, Barbie! I am not sure where she got the Unity Cross, but I just googled it and it looks like shopinspiration.com has the one she had at her ceremony. It was such a great idea, and so meaningful!

  3. LOVE these ideas… especially the birch arch… beautiful! Clicked on your link from the blogher ad; check out my blog if you get a chance! :)

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