On the move this Christmas? How to make a home for the holidays…

TMIhome “We’re almost home!” my daughter texted me, letting me know she was on her way back from her friend’s house. We were visiting California for Thanksgiving and my husband Mike had just gone to pick her up.

When I saw her text, I smiled.

Because we weren’t actually home; we were staying in a hotel.

Our house–as of five months ago when Mike’s job got transferred–was now in Idaho. Spending time in a hotel over the holidays was a new experience for us and we were going from place to place, trying to fit in as many visits with friends and family as we could.

But to my daughter that night, the hotel room was home. Because that’s where we were, together.

And it reminded me of that saying: Home is where the heart is.

Maybe you’ve had a big move in your life, too. Maybe you’re in a place of transition right now–or in the middle of change–and you’re worried that Christmas won’t feel the same this year. Or maybe you’ll be spending Christmas on the road, like we did for Thanksgiving.

Worry not, sweet mom.

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