When being a parent means… giving a gentle answer

Sometimes as moms, it can be hard to give a gentle answer, especially when we’re in the middle of challenging situations or arguments with our kids. It can be hard to stay positive and calm. And it can be hard to find “gentle” words that encourage and build up, rather than tear down.

And while there are definite times we need to be firm and resolute, there are also times when our kids’ acting out might really be a cry for attention,

a need to know they are cared about,

a deliberate test to see if they are still loved,

even when they act unlovable.

Especially during those times, a gentle answer might be just what is needed to turn things around…

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  1. i had one of those weeks with one of my kids. I stated my case. He knew he was wrong. I didn’t argue.  I just sat  knitting all week to get out my frustration while he learned todeal with his.

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