Six Ways to Help Your Kids Pursue Their Dreams

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Six Ways to Help Your Kids Pursue Their Dreams

If you’ve been reading here for a while, you know the topic of pursuing your dreams and helping your kids to do the same is close to my heart.

As moms (and dads), we have such an opportunity–in our words, our tone, our actions–to help our kids’ dreams grow from tiny sparks into flames. Or, if we aren’t careful, we can diminish their dreams, minimize them, and even put them out.

Sometimes, our kids are clear about what they dream of becoming or doing when they grow up. But, more often than not, the clues to their dreams lie in the little things they say and do…

My ten-year-old loves to understand how things work and is fascinated by how things are made. He’s always asking questions (and more questions), some of which blow my mind. Does this mean he’ll end up being an engineer or architect? I don’t know. He loves other things too…

His eyes light up when he mentions coming up with his own business idea or inventing something that nobody else has thought of. He’s got a strong sense of right and wrong and he talks about maybe being a police officer someday. And while I don’t know what he’ll grow up to be or do, I do know that how I listen (or not), how I respond (or not), and how I encourage (or not) when he talks about what’s important to him, can make all the difference in whether he pursues his dreams (or not).

So how can we help our kids follow their dreams as they grow up? READ SIX PRACTICAL TIPS over at Mamapedia today!

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