Those jeans are workin’ for ya!

I went to a Girlfriends’ Night Out with some friends a while ago where Kathy Lipp (author of The Marriage Project and The Husband Project) spoke.

She talked about keeping your marriage strong and shared some great (and hilarious) stories and tips.

One of the things she suggested was to write your husband notes everywhere–saying little things (“I love you”) or complimenting him (“Those jeans are workin’ for ya!”).

It was a simple reminder to be intentional about keeping the spark alive.

Fast-forward a couple weeks later, and Mike and I were at our son’s game…

I was sitting on the bleachers and Mike was standing in front of me, down by the field.

I looked at him and thought,

Well, those jeans really are working for him.

So I got out my phone and sent him a text telling him that.

I watched and waited for him to get the text, but he didn’t hear his phone.

I figured he’d get it later.



when our daughter was playing with his phone, she was the one who got it, not him.

(“What does that mean?”– her face all scrunched up.)

So I guess the moral of the story is,


write your husband notes

and cards

and send him texts to make him feel good,

but just make sure he’s the one who gets them. Ha! :)


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Have a great weekend, everyone! Do you have any fun plans? We’ve got a basketball game and baseball tryouts. Looking forward to it! See you back here on Mom-Monday!


  1. Genny

    I think I said something like, “Um. That just means Daddy looks cute today.” lol

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