Mike’s trip, in photos

Mike got to see some pretty amazing things on his recent trip to Asia. Here are just some of them:

The factory in China where all the iPads are made. 200K employees work here.
Shenzen, China. Evidently, the city with the most LED lights in the world.
Another photo of Shenzen, China.

This hotel in Singapore has a boat on top, 55 stories up.

This is the top level of the hotel, on the boat. The weather was bad when Mike was there, but you can see the restaurant and the infinity pool, 55 stories up!

You have to see what this place looks like in good weather: click here. It’s amazing.

Mike took a tram ride in a glass-bottomed tram in Hong Kong.

Looking at the glass bottom and the trees below.
This is part of a restaurant Mike went to. He got to pick what he wanted out of the tanks and they cooked it up fresh.

The harbor in Hong Kong.

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  1. Looks like a very fun adventure. I've been wanting to go forever. Just have to get the hubs on board. lol. Happy WW!

  2. Wow. An infinity pool 55 stories up? And all that sea food to chose from? Must have been some trip. I'm so glad he got pictures so we could all see what he experienced, too!

  3. omword! That pool 55 stories up! There is NO way I'd even think of touching that! ack!

  4. Me either Debi! If you click on that link and check out the photo of the pool in the daylight, it is so high up there! Just the photo of someone swimming in it gives me the butterflies!

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