For You, the Single Mom

Mike just got back from a two week business trip overseas. He started in Japan, went to Hong Kong, then to Shen Zen, China, and finished up in Singapore. It’s so good to have him home.

He’s travelled for work a lot in the past, but I never get used to saying goodbye, and I always look forward to him coming back. (I guess that’s a good thing after 16 years of marriage!)

And even though I’m independent and the kids and I stayed busy while he was gone, we really missed him. The time alone reminded me just how much single moms do.  There were days I had to get the kids to the orthodontist, then swim team, then guitar lessons, then youth group, all one after the other, and sometimes overlapping. We ran late a lot, and some days were just plain crazy.

So today, I want to honor my friends who are single moms, and all the other single moms out there… moms who do it on their own not just for two weeks, but all the time. I want to honor all the military moms too. I cried when I dropped Mike off at the airport and that was just a two-week goodbye. When I think about the sacrifice that so many moms and dads in the military make, and the time away from their families, it chokes me up.

So this is for you…

Single Mom

You–the strong woman (even if you don’t always feel like it) that runs her household alone.

You – the mom who wakes up before everyone else so she’ll have enough time to empty the dishwasher, pack lunches, get ready for work, and get the kids to school without being late.

You – the mom who takes the garbage out and cleans the leaves out of the gutter and fixes the sprinkler when it’s not working.

You – the mom who rakes the leaves and gets the oil changed in the car and runs to the grocery store at 9:00 at night so her kids will have milk.

You – the mom who stays up late helping with math problems and vocabulary words, even though she’s exhausted.

You – the mom who cooks dinner and pulls everyone together for a meal, even though she’s the only adult at the table.

You – the mom who signs the school forms that come home in the backpack,

and who remembers when school pictures are due,

and who walks her kids door-to-door selling fundraising candy around the neighborhood for their sports teams.

You – the mom who goes to bed alone at night,

and who might get a little scared in a rainstorm,

but who never lets the kids see her fear.

You  – the mom who carries the weight

and the responsibility

and the joy

of being a parent

with pride and determination and perseverance.

You – the mom who is showing her kids how to be strong,  

simply by being there for them,

simply by loving them,

simply by being a mom they know they can always count on.

You – the one who is making a difference

day by day,

hour by hour,

moment by moment.


A single mom.

A good mom.

Are you a single mom or a military mom? Has your husband travelled and the time
away has given you a new perspective on parenting alone? Leave a comment and share.

If you know a single mom, please send this to her and encourage her that she’s not alone and that she is making a difference!


  1. Hello, thanks you so much for sharing this post. I am not a single mom but my sister is. She is going through a ruff time right now, but I always pray that she knows who she is and remain strong. She is a great mom and is working on her Master's degree. I am proud of her, but I know she gets tired of doing things alone. I really pray that God bless her with a loving partner who will love and care for her child.

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