A Worrying Mom (and how not to be one)

For the fifth time in an hour, I leaned over my newborn daughter’s bassinet and checked to make sure she was okay. Thoughts of SIDS and fears of her getting tangled in her blanket filled my head. I held my breath and watched her tiny chest rise and fall. Only after I was sure she was okay did I lie back down and try to get some sleep.

Those first few nights of motherhood—months, actually—were like that. When my daughter didn’t wake me up because she was hungry, I woke myself up to make sure she was okay.

You might’ve guessed it: I’m a pretty good worrier. I always have been. I was the kind of kid… READ MORE 

I’m over at 5MinutesforFaith today. Stop by and take five minutes out of your busy day! I promise you’ll be inspired and encouraged by the team of beautiful women over there. I look forward to seeing you there! :)


  1. Hi Genny, Boy can I relate to this post I am a worrier by nature, but I have learned a lot in the past year and 1/2 about living in the now and trusting God. Our 4 1/2 year old at the time was diagnosed with brain cancer and there are endless things to worry about with that. One of my favorite verses is Phil 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything…Worrying does not change a thing it just wastes time and has negative effects. I am following along found you at MBC hope you'll pop by and meet us too.

  2. What a fun blog! I found you on mommy bloggers and I am excited to follow! If you get a second to check out mine, I'd appreciate it! Hope you have a magical day!

  3. You post was really an inspiration to me today. I always worry about what people say about me or what they have to say about me as a person, a woman and as a mom. I wish I wasn't so sensitive…..What I love the trust my children have towards me. They really believe I am rich (this is what my oldest son told me a few weeks ago). They have no clue as to what I have to go through to make their life easy. I love he high regard they have for me. They are the reason I keep believing in myself. They make me want to do better & be better.

  4. Your post is really an inspiration. Yes, I know all of us are always worried and upset about many things. But I know this verse to not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. And I know that God controls everything.

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