You’re a beautiful mom…

Regardless of how you feel right now.

Regardless of what someone might have told you.

Regardless of what the world often says.

You’re beautiful.

Inside and out.

In the way that you sacrifice for your family.

In the way you work so hard–long hours, constant chores, endless needs.

You carry the weight of so much,

with such perseverance.

Beautiful you–the comforter, the doctor, the referee, the cook, the chauffeur, the advisor, the role model…

the strength of your family.

Beautiful you–the shaper of hearts, the teacher of souls, the fanner of dreams.

Beautiful you.

Even when you’re tired and pulled in many different directions,

even when you feel less than graceful,

less than capable,

less than beautiful,

you are

a beautiful mom.

Take a minute to listen to this song, “Beautiful,” and let the words soak your heart today.

(If the video doesn’t come up, click here to listen.)


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  1. My heart needed this one today my friend. It's been a rough week making the transition to on line homeschooling with my 6th grader. All of this while working full time. My house is a disaster and I didn't cook all week. Love the song. Makes me cry every time!

  2. What a beautiful song! I enjoyed it so much this afternoon. Would you mind if I posted it too and passed on the blessing to those who may not have seen it?

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