How we spent our last summer weekend (and it was so much fun)…

Mike and I took the kids to the California coast this weekend, which is a couple of hours away from where we live.

The wildflowers were in bloom and were just gorgeous.

The fog rolling in was almost magical looking.

We had a great time walking around the trails.

Mike and his brother, and off in the distance, my son and daughter with Mike’s brother’s girlfriend.

The kids loved looking at the tide pools with Mike’s brother, who knows a lot about marine life and was able to teach them about all the things they were seeing:

Bailey had fun too and made herself right at home.

It was a great weekend at a beautiful place… the perfect way to end the summer!

(My kids start school tomorrow and, while I’m looking forward to getting into more of a regular routine, I will miss having them around! Has your school year started yet?)

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  1. Always love stopping by. You have such great adventures. I'd love to hike over there. What a beautiful view! My kids started today and I'm feeling a bit sad. :( Especially since they are too cool for mom to take their first day of school pic at school…

  2. It looks like you enjoyed a really fun trip! The fog is absolutely beautiful. My oldest started school early last week. The schedule is nice, but I miss her like crazy!

  3. Thanks, Alicia. I know; I was joking with my son that we were going to walk him to school holding hands and he about died, lol. (He's ten.)Have a great night!

  4. Amazing Photos! We started Aug. 8th and I am already missing my little guy and dreading homework as much as he is!

  5. Looks like the perfect end of Summer jaunt to me! I love the California coast…

  6. OH my goodness! That was soooo beautiful! It's almost like out of a movie. Glad you enjoyed that weekend!

  7. Looks like a beautiful way to spend the last weekend of summer. Fun, too, that you got to spend it with extended family.Schools in MN do not start until after Labor Day. First day for us is September 6. Backpacks have been packed and ready for the last couple of weeks and we're finding out who the teachers are going to be and what the schedules look like.Peace and blessings to your day.Jeanine

  8. Hi Genny, what a beautiful spot for a hike. It always amazes me how different our coast line is. My girls don't start back until the day after labor day and I am soooo ready!

  9. I absolutely LOVE the Northern California coast line. It is so refreshing and peaceful. So glad you got to enjoy the adventure.

  10. Looks like a beautiful weekend. Gorgeous pictures! I really would love to meet you one of these days!

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