Little bits and pieces of happiness…

“I have to tell you the best thing,” my daughter said the other night, smiling. She’d just gotten home from youth group and finished brushing her teeth and putting her pajamas on.

I sat down on the edge of her bed.

“You know how happiness doesn’t come to you all at once, and it really comes to you in little bits and pieces?” she asked.

I nodded, instantly struck by the wisdom of her statement.

Her eyes lit up. “Well, I had one of those bits and pieces tonight.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“When Isabelle’s mom was driving us home, my favorite song came on the radio and we turned it up really loud and Isabelle and I started singing at the top of our lungs.” She beamed.

“How fun.” I laughed.

“Yeah,” she nodded, laughing too. “I felt sooo happy.”

“I’m glad,” I told her, tucking her in,

happy that she was happy.

I kissed her goodnight, and left her room.

And, for a long time after that, I thought about what she said.

Because she was right.

Sometimes we expect happiness to come all at once…

in a promotion

a relationship

a success

an achievement.

But, really, happiness is all around us every day,

in little bits and pieces…

In our favorite song coming on the radio,

in an answered prayer,

in a conversation with a friend,

in the trees blooming in our yard,

in our kids doing the dishwasher without being asked,

in the sunshine coming through the bedroom window,

in perfectly ripe tomatoes,

or even in our daughter’s story

about her own

bits and pieces of happiness.  :)

May you enjoy your bits and pieces of happiness today!


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  1. I've been looking for the bits and pieces of happiness in my life lately. Thank you for the reminder that it's there, even if not all at once. What a precious conversation you had with your daughter.

  2. I don't have children…but I've always said our world would be a better place if we'd let the children run it. Seriously…they are so perceptive and honest and have this innate sense of justice. Another perfect example right here… Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Such wisdom beyond her years! I love when you share stories about your kids and the things they say and do. They sound like a couple of awesome young people! Hope you enjoy the little bits and pieces of happiness that come your way today. I know I'm certainly going to.Peace and blessings to you.Jeanine

  4. Simply eloquent! It is so true. Especially when you have a bunch of children and a bunch of things to do. It sounds like the name of a quilt:) Bits and Pieces. I like that!

  5. Simply eloquent! It is so true. Especially when you have a bunch of children and a bunch of things to do. It sounds like the name of a quilt:) Bits and Pieces. I like that!

  6. I think the best bits and pieces are the ones my kids get first and then pass on to me. What a great gift your daughter gave you.

  7. As humans we will always have problems no matter what, but we need to remember what your daughter figured out, happiness is the little things. Thank you!

  8. It's amazing what children can teach us about true happiness & seeking joy. It's all those little moments that count. :) Stopping by from SITS.

  9. I saw this post before ( and loved it then. Kids truly can teach us so much.

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