My first High Tea…

Since this is such a festive time of year, I thought I’d put up some photos from a High Tea (formal afternoon luncheon with tea) that my mother-in-law took me to a while ago. (I thought it was so much fun… and I’m a coffee lover!)

For those of you who are local to my area, the Tea was at the cafe inside Pottery World. I’ve mentioned their delicious lunches before.

It was the first High Tea I’ve been to. (Have you been to one?) The atmosphere was elegant and beautiful. The food was delicious…

and the desserts were amazing. The kids came with us and they thought the edible flowers were just too cool…

But, honestly, their favorite thing might have been the sugar cubes…

I think they each ate at least six or seven before I caught on to what they were doing!   :)

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  1. What a great idea! Love high tea and those sugar cubes are too cute, I might sneak a couple too!

  2. What a delightful event! We do not have Pottery World; however, Giada had a show on hosting afternoon tea – I loved it! I guess the only way I'll get high tea is to host it:)

  3. Oh I love Giada… how fun! And this High Tea made me want to host one too. It was really fun!

  4. Amy

    That looks like so much fun. I just may have to copy you

  5. I was just thinking this week how much I wanted to go to high tea again! Looks delish!

  6. We do have high tea here once in a while. :) It's a nice indulgence… and we feel like ladies of leisure who do nothing but shop and have high tea with friends (NOT!). It's a nice "occasional" indulgence, though.

  7. I've been practicing food photography lately. Who knew there were so many tricks to it. The sugar cubes are awesome!

  8. That looks like a very nice outing. I'd love to sample all that food! Festive indeed. It's good to hear from you again!! I hope you'll enjoy a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

  9. Buckaroomama… thanks for the laugh. (ladies who do nothing but shop and have high tea…wouldn't that be fun…ha!)

  10. That looks so delicious, ALL of it! I might have wanted to eat some of those sugar cubes too – so cute! And no, I've never been to high tea but tea rooms, yes…

  11. Looks delicious! I am sure my kiddos would be eating those cubes too! They looks inviting! Merry Christmas!~Dorcas

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