1. Rest your head.


2. Notice the beauty that’s right in front of you.


3. Take time to daydream.


Have a relaxing and stress-free day everyone!

I’ve got a busy week ahead (I’ll need to remember this relaxing advice!) so I won’t be hosting Mom-Monday next week, but I’ll be back after that and I’ll post the winner of He Heard Hannah as soon as I get back. :)

photo credit: My daughter! I loved these shots that she took of Bailey so much that I just had to use them! And, let me tell you, Bailey is stress-free as they get!

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16 Comments on How to relax and de-stress: 3 easy tips anyone can follow

  1. aww, those are great pics!  so when exactly in my schedule should I rest my head and daydream?!? ;)  haha, thanks for the reminder!

  2. love to have a pet but sad coz my kids have asthma, i grew up having lots of pets and i miss having one.

    nice photos of bailey, sure is adorable.

    dropping by from UBP12.

    • Sory to hear, Carla! I grew up with a lot of pets too, although now we only have our dog and cat. From a parenting perspective, i’s a little simpler than the horses, chickens, duck, rabbit, rats, peacocks, and rooster we had when I was a kid!

    • Thanks, Barbie. When my daughter came in from outside and showed me these shots, I couldn’t resist posting them. I thought there were cute too. :)

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