Beautiful Christmas Trees

Every year before Christmas, my mother-in-law takes the kids ornament shopping. They spend the day going from Christmas shop to Christmas shop, picking out just the right ornaments for everyone in the family. It’s become a tradition they really look forward to.

This Sunday, I tagged along with them. I was so glad I did!

It was fun watching the kids have such a great time, and I loved seeing all the Christmas trees. (I forgot my camera, but I took some pictures on my phone.)

There were trees decorated all pink…

all purple…
all gold…
and (I think my favorite) silver and gold…
I loved this non-traditional tree too, with its icicles. I thought it was gorgeous…

Now I’m officially in the holiday mood. What about you?

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  1. I LOVE going to the "Christmas store" and looking through all the stuff they have. We need a much bigger tree for all the ornaments that the kids want to put on it! :)

  2. HOW FUN!!! I love to see all the Christmas ornaments on all the trees!

  3. Thanks so much for dropping my Woven by Words! I see you're a SITS gal too! We put Christmas trees up at work in September so I'm kind of Christmas treed out! LOL Getting into the spirit of the season listening to the Christmas music on our local Christian station.~Mimi

  4. Oh I love the silver and gold tree too! And the purple one is my next favorite!

  5. There's a huge Christmas store here that has tons of trees that are elaborately decorated. I also love going to these shops to look around. Have a great WW!

  6. I stopped here from supermom's blog hop and am glad I did! I am a new follower.

  7. I'm working on getting in the mood. Maybe I need a visit to a store like that to help! HA! Great trees – love the silver and gold too!

  8. I love the color themes! Someday I'll have a tree perfectly coordinated, but in the meantime, I just let my kids put whatever on there so it's a mish mash of everything. They love it though and that's what counts! :)

  9. We have a place near us that has a display of decorated Christmas trees. I love seeing all the beautiful trees!I also love your tradition!

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