Home is where…

I looked at this wall plaque we have in our house this morning…

and then I heard this song on the radio…

And now I’m thinking…

about what kind of mom I am,

what kind of wife I am,

and what stories are being written in our home.

Because I want to be intentional about the way I love,

and I want the stories to be good.

Like the song says,

I want to lead my kids well,

and I want Mike to always know he’s the love of my life.

And I don’t ever want the people I care about to feel alone,

or hungry for love.

I want to be all I was called to be…

What about you? What stories are beginning in your home? What does this plaque or song make you think of?


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  1. Hmmm…I wish I could share some stories with you but unfortunately lately they would be sad…for I am the one who feels unloved:0 Yet, God has His plan and purpose and I do my best to allow HIM to love through me even in my lonliness;)

  2. Your sharing came very timely for me and my family…this song brought tears to my eyes. We just talked about being motivated by "shoulds" vs. by love for those we care about. Your post reminds me I don't want to hurt my hubby & kids by leaving them hungry for love. What a powerful picture, thank you for this heartfelt message.

  3. Wow! That was lovely! I'll see what I have…Blessings to you Genny, I always enjoy reading your blog!Camie

  4. Very thought provoking post.. love it.. thank you for being so transparent. I believe we serve an Amazing God and I needed to see this post tonight.Love to youkelly

  5. The very fact you care means things are probably going pretty good and many notable memories are being made.Great song, good post.

  6. I love that plaque and for fear of waking up the kids this morning I didn't listen to the 'song'… I think I know which one it is.But, I'm always (trying) to think of my life being written, as a story, page upon page, by God's Hand – the author. Why do I often want to "write ahead", erase, or edit his story line??? Thank you for this reminder again today…I'd forgotten how much I love what this plaque says and means to me, personally. I might have to go buy it at our local bookstore…uhmmm. ;)

  7. Yes!! Love this. I want to do this as well…be so intentional!Blessings-Amanda

  8. I want to be a mother that teaches her kids loving God thru loving others! Thank you for that song!!

  9. What do I think about that plaque? I think I like yours as much as the EXACT same one that is hanging in my house! Home IS where your story begins. Every day is a new page of the book.Peace and blessings to your day!Jeanine

  10. What a beautiful and moving song (and post). It brought tears to my eyes. I'll be thinking of this all day…

  11. Inspirational! How awesome to think about our lives always telling a story. It will always be a good one as long as we are in the story God has written for us. It was a blessing to stop by your blog today.

  12. I love that song:). What a powerful post and a reminder to be the best Mommy, friend, wife each day..

  13. I really like the idea of our lives as stories. And am I letting my children know the love that I have in my heart? Or am I just going through the motions of the day? Today I really needed that jolt.

  14. I know there are seasons to life that bring good and bad. It just is what it is…I've been left, at times, feeling that all the stories would be bad, especially from one of my daughters who is cold and harsh most of the time. Then I remember the big picture of how big God's love is. It will change one day when she gets out of the teen years.

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