A few snaphots from the week…

What a fun time last week! It went too fast.

We took kids to the snow one day, and boy did we get snow! Here’s a shot of Mike and our son walking Bailey up a hill (my hands were so cold I could barely take the picture)…

We found out Bailey isn’t much of a snow dog, either. (Look how grumpy looks here! lol)

My daughter’s birthday was on Easter (she was born Easter Sunday and this was the first year her birthday landed on it again), so after church, we had a little Easter egg hunt, ate brunch, and celebrated.

(She requested this dessert for her birthday; I’ll tell you more about it on Talkin’ Thursday. But I’ll warn you ahead of time… there’s nothing healthy about it!)
It was a great week! How was your Easter or your Spring break?
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  1. Wow! It is 90 degrees here and to look at those pictures of all that snow…unbelievable. Happy belated birthday to your sweet daughter. You and your husband make such a handsome couple.Blessings!

  2. Sue

    My goodness! Where was all that snow? We had an exceptionally warm weekend up here in Toronto this Easter. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Your meal looked delish!Glad to read you had a lovely Easter weekend ;-)

  3. Everything but the snow looks fun. But then I'm from Minnesota and we're excited to be rid of the stuff so my opinion on that subject is really not a good one or one you should listen to :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your daughter! What a great day to celebrate a birthday…and a great day to actually be born ON! Looks like you had a good break. The photos are great…thanks for sharing!

  4. The weather was beautiful in the 80s. But we got snow over spring break a few weeks ago! Easter is always lazy and casual. Only my mom is in town, so after church, it was "sweat pants" time. I used to get upset that we didn't have anyone to celebrate the holidays with, now I'm glad we don't have to go anywhere!!!

  5. wow, you'd think we would be done with the snow, hehe?!!! It looks like you guys had a great gathering and got your grub on!! I cannnnt wait to see what that white concoction is :) xoxo LA

  6. I think it is a rule that a dessert isn't a true dessert if it has anything healthy in it. :)Looks like you guys had a great time and Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  7. Fun! I love snow! And YUM! Great pics Genny! Have a blessed week!Camie

  8. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. I loved this post. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I laughed when you said you had to warn us that there was nothing healthy in the dessert. i could pretty much tell that from looking at it : ) Delicious! The brunch looked lovely. Boo for snow!

  9. Sounds like the best kind of week! You're attitude about the snow is FAR better than mine is. :)Happiest birthday to your daughter!

  10. Bailey is a dog after my own heart! After all the snow we had this winter I welcomed the warm spring weather with open arms this weekend!Your Easter brunch looked amazing!

  11. what amazing food (sorry I am a little hungry)… isn't the weather crazy right now. Can't believe so many places are still getting snow. enjoy it I guess… hopefully it will be gone soon. :) cute blog by the way :)

  12. Brrrrr!!! Looks super cold. Happy Belated bday to your little one. Gorgeous pic :)

  13. I almost cried for you because of the snow, but then I realized you went in search of it and that it didn't come to you. I am so over the snow that I'm not even complaining about the fact that it is gonna be 90 degrees here today and it's only April! Great pics, thanks for sharing:)

  14. You completely lost me at the snow! Snow! It'll be 85 here today. I can't wait to hear about the pies! LOL!HugsKim

  15. Jo

    Looks like you had fun – but the dog didn't look overly happy!!Happy birthday to your daughter:)

  16. dropped over from your interview on 6 feet…very cool. kinda glad our snow is done, we got quite the dose of it this year. it was in the 80s on easter which made for some incredible egg hunts.

  17. Just in case things get crazy around here and I forget… Happy Birthday on Friday!!!! XXXX C

  18. Well, we missed out on snow this year- those pics look great! Glad you had some nice family time. That dessert looks like something my kids would love!

  19. Great photographs, the snow and the food! We had a great Easter weekend, too. Just posted some pics of it on Family Fountain.

  20. I found your blog through Tess and I'm so glad she featured you! It looks like you have a wonderful blog here!My kids keep asking to go to Tahoe to see the snow (we're in Northern CA too) but we seem to never get around to it. Probably because I know it'll take us over 2 hours to get them all ready and out the door, only to have them complain how cold they are within the first 2 minutes of being in the snow.But it's all about preserving the memory, right? At least that's what I try to remind myself of!Happy birthday to your daughter! Looks like you all had some good food to enjoy!

  21. Yick snow! I'm treasuring these oddly hot days we're having in NY because I know they won't last much longer.That chocolately-looking thing? I want some of that. I'll take some of that pasta too!

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