My favorite blog(s)…

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Today we’re talking about our favorite blog(s).

Write a post sharing one (or more) of your favorite blogs, tell us why you like it, link back here (you can copy my button above), and add your link to the list below.

Have some fun stopping by each other’s sites and be sure to comment while you’re there!

I should’ve known when I picked this topic that I wouldn’t be able to tell you about only one blog. There are so many good ones out there.

Here are just a few of my favorites…

Rocks in My Dryer – This is one of the first blogs I discovered when I started blogging, and I was instantly drawn to it. Shannon is a gifted writer and has a way of pulling you in. Remember how I told you that I love any book or movie that makes me cry? Well, this is a blog that makes me cry (in a good way). Mostly because of the beautiful moments in everyday life Shannon manages to capture and share. She’s also written a book, so stop by her site and check it out.

Nesting Place – If you love beautiful decorations like I do, you’ll love this site. The motto over there is awesome… “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!”

Nathan Bransford’s blog – Any writer should subscribe to this blog. From how-to’s on query letters to industry updates, Nathan always has great information. Plus, he’ll make you laugh.

Bring the Rain – When I first discovered Angie’s blog, her story about her daughter Audrey Caroline and her post The Past and The Pitcher had me glued to my computer with tears pouring down my face. She’s an inspiring woman, a beautiful writer, and she also recently published a book.

Seven Clown Circus – I don’t even remember how Angie and I first discovered each other’s blogs, but I’m glad we did. She’s one of those people who always has great posts about her family (she has five kids), fun giveaways, a great sense of humor, and she’s the hostess of “Wordful” Wednesdays.

What about you? Even if you aren’t posting/linking up today, what are your favorite blogs? Have you visited any of these before?


  1. Thanks for the blog suggestions! I've been through one so far…the rest may have to wait till the kids give me another moment…I really didn't think I was going to be able to join this week, but as I was writing two days ago, I realized I was talking about how a particular blog had really affected my outlook…so I went ahead and linked up.

  2. So glad you linked up! I'm heading off to a MOPS meeting, but I'll be back later and I look forward to hearing more about your favorite blogs, everone. :)

  3. I'll join! Gina at Writer Interrupted linked me. I've been wanting to introduce my blog roll and meet more bloggers! Nice to meet you.

  4. Hi Genny,I left you an award a great weekend!

  5. Jessie, Glad you are joining in! And Sandra, thanks for the award! I truly appreciate it. :)Genny

  6. I have so, so many favorites and they seem to change fairly regularly, but I'll go with:* Adventures in Babywearing* Casual Friday Everyday* Giver's Log* Lettner Livin'

  7. I feel so honored to be on this list in such incredible company. I'm not sure how we discovered each other, either, but I'm So glad we did!

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