The cutest playhouse ever, some good causes, and a note about tails…

1. Happy Friday, everyone! It’s been a nutty week around here.

From leaving my car lights on at my daughter’s swim team and having my battery die (and then having to wait forever for roadside service with two hungry kids and a puppy in the car while it poured rain), to the mirror above our fireplace falling off the wall and shattering (and I’m so glad the kids weren’t near it), we’ve had some mishaps in the last few days. Hopefully, your week wasn’t as eventful as mine!

2. Remember when I told you about Judy at The Cutest Little Things? Well, if you didn’t stop by her blog then, you have to now. She linked up on Mom-Monday with a post you’ll love about the cutest playhouse ever.

3. Want to have a good laugh? Head on over to Cake Wrecks. I heard about this blog from SoCalFruGal, who linked up on Talkin’ Thursdays and described the blog like this:

The author does an insanely good job of always captioning the pics with my exact thoughts,and the reader comments are always HI-larious! I literally will have tears streaming down my face at times.

Of course, after reading that, I had to check it out. :)

4. If you’re someone who likes to enter giveaways, did you know that Mission-Mommy has a thing every Monday where giveaways are linked up? Stop over there and check out the list. You’ll have more giveaways to enter than time to do it. Plus you can add your own while you’re there.

5. A great cause (you can find this one on my sidebar too):

Colleen from designing dna contacted me about an online flea market she’s heading up to raise money for families who have lost their homes due to flooding. Colleen has done an awesome job of rounding up about thirty of us bloggers to get involved. Stop over there and read more about it!

6. More great causes:

Operation Sweet Dreams provides free pajamas, toothbrushes, and books to children in low-income areas. It was founded by Cynthia of Precious Cupcakes as a way to help her local community and has grown into a cause. Stop over there, say hi to Cynthia, and check out her custom-order tutus while you’re at her Cupcakes blog. If my daughter was younger, I’d be ordering one for sure!

Angie of Work in Progress Farm is having a quilt raffle to raise money to rebuild an orphanage in Haiti. Stop by, see her photos, and help spread the word.

7. For those of you with pets, check out this article by Jennifer Blevins that was posted on Divine Caroline. It’ll help you figure out what all that tail wagging (or lack of) means.

And speaking of pets, some of you have asked how our new puppy is doing. The crate-training is working well and she’s sleeping through the night, so things are great. (I sound like I have a baby in the house again, don’t I?)

It was funny; we took her to the groomer the other day for the first time and she came out with two little bows on her head. (Mike didn’t want to be seen taking her for a walk after that, but the rest of us thought it was cute! lol)

Have a great weekend, everyone. I’ll see you back here for Mom-Monday, where I’ll be posting a great question I got from a reader.

For more 7 Quick Takes, be sure and stop by Jennifer’s Conversion Diary.


  1. That playhouse is AMAZING! Faith would love it…so I'm not even going to show her the pictures!Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend…minus the doggie bows (which are adorable by the way…but my husband would feel the same as yours) :)

  2. That playhouse is awesome! I would like to move in :) And I just love the little bows. So adorable.

  3. It's great to see the fine work women are doing to make people's lives better. I wanted to see that quilt, but evidently there's a glitch on her site.Oh, and your puppy is posh!Have a spectacular weekend, Genny!

  4. wow, awesome, we would loooove that!! and Im sorry you got stranded, hugs! lastly, I love your pupppppppy! she could not be any cuter!!!!

  5. Hey Genny,Thanks for all of your "takes" and suggestions. As a new blogger, these ideas are esp. helpful! I appreciate you and the time you spent putting this all together!I'll stop by more often – and check out the Friday takes!Blessings to you,Melanie

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