1. Hi Genny…I haven't seen you in a long time! Hope all is well with you.What a cute photo. Looks like a great welcoming crew!

  2. Aww! I think that is so adorable!!Our dog knows everytime "daddy" gets home~!

  3. Check out my blog. I gave you an award. :)

  4. There is just a lot of cuteness going around blogland today! I don't know how many times the word cute was appropriate for my comment but it's been quite a few! LOL!HugsKim

  5. No, Angie, actually we turn around head out to swim team, but the puppy does get to come with. :)And thanks so much for the award, Robin!

  6. That IS too cute!! I love it!! Reminds of that movie, My Dog Skip. Man that movie gets me. Blessings!Amanda

  7. To cute! If Hubs beats me home, our dog Cookie, will not eat until I come home and pet her. Then after she is done eating she will come by and try to pet me, until I let her out!

  8. awwww, they are serious!! I love this pic and the fact that they are chiilin together!! xoxo LA

  9. oh my, how cute!!! When we walk home from my daughter's school, we always wave at this cute dog looking out the window waiting on his owner to come home. so sweet!

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