The field near our house

We have a beautiful field in our neighborhood in California.

beautiful green field in CA

The other day, the weather was so gorgeous, I decided to take my camera out there and shoot a few pictures.

green grass in field in CA

Funny how you appreciate things more when you’re paying attention to detail…

oak tree

I still have a ways to go on my photography skills, but I had so much fun out there.

Everything was green and peaceful and absolutely beautiful.  :)


  1. Wow! Don't know where you are, but it may as well be summer. Looks fantastic. I'm dreaming of being in the sunshine and grass. It's snowing like crazy in NY right now and I've got a severe case of cabin fever. Thanks for the photos of your field. It gives me hope that Spring will come…one day.-FringeGirl

  2. Beautiful. I love the tree against the blue blue sky. I always find myself closer to God when I start looking at nature in that way. The details always seem miraculous.

  3. thedomestifringe – I'm in Northern CA and it's been beautiful out here lately. (Although today it's raining!)and MahoneyMusings – I agree! :)

  4. So very California looking! You did a great job capturing the beauty of the area. I just love those trees when they are bare.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I love going out with just me and the camera. It's such a wonderful reminder of all the blessings around us!~ Jennifer

  6. Gorgeous! It's beautiful here too, in Florida. The sky was blue and the weather perfect. :-) I know what you mean. Great pics!

  7. I'm coming for a visit! While I'm not where the snow is coming down in feet, we are getting some cold and cloudy weather. We are even getting snow, but it's not sticking. I need sunshine. Thanks for sharing the great pictures!

  8. those are beautiful!! what kind of camera do you have? found you on MBC and am your newest follower!

  9. I love the way looking at things through the lens of my camera (or looking at them with the idea to look at them again through my lens) makes me SEE them more. I notice things so much more since I started taking pictures everyday. You have an amazing little piece of outside inspiration…the pictures you got are beautiful!

  10. Lovely indeed. I particularly like the last two. You've got a good eye.

  11. Jo

    What lovely photos – I particularly like the one with water – I love water in photography, gives calmness.

  12. Beautiful!I live in a desert, so it's rare to see a field of gorgeous vibrant green! So so lucky, you did a wonderful job with the pictures, they're amazing.Happy WW!Joe

  13. The filed is very pretty. I like that it's green. In winter we don't see enough green!Thanks for stoping to visit me. I am now a follower of yours!Have a blessed day!

  14. Beautiful! I love the old tree with all of the branches. There's something mystical about it.

  15. Here's what I say, as long as you're happy shooting what you shoot and you like the way the photos turn out, that's all that matters. :)I think the photos turned out beautiful — my favorite was the close up of the grass. Oh, for green grass. Here in the South they have this Zoisha (sp?) grass that goes dormant and turns brown and it's so ugly right now. It's nice during the warm months because it's drought resistant, but during the winter it's not so pretty.And like you said, getting out and finding the peace is the BEST!Hugs!

  16. Great Photos. It is amazing how different everyday things look once you really look at them and photograph them! I am looking at a SLR also…want it so bad!

  17. I dont know, I think your photography skills are pretty darn good! Beautiful perspective.Blessings!Amanda

  18. What a gorgeous field indeed. I love how you captured it all. I can almost feel the sunlight here :)

  19. Beautiful!! Makes me crave for those warmer, sunnier days even more! Looking at the details…reminds me of hearing God's voice in the midst of noise and craziness in life. : )

  20. I can't wait for the sunshine! Those are amazing pictures. I like the one with the creek in it the best :) have a great week!

  21. Gees, there's nothing like that here yet. It's still snowin' like early winter! You know, photography is all about the fun and the emotion that you feel when you see something that moves you. The best pics are the ones that come when you're not trying too hard. Well done…

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