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Welcome to Mom-Monday. I’m glad you’re here!

I’m working on a future post, and I wanted to use this Mom-Monday to get your input.

If you have a minute, I’d love it if you’d leave a comment and finish any (or all) of these sentences:

The best part about being a mom is…

The hardest thing about being a mom is…

Being a mom today is…

I’m looking forward to reading your responses. (If I end up using yours, I’ll be sure to list your name and link to you if you have a blog.)

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  1. The best thing about being a mom is the hugs, and kisses, and playing!The hardest thing about being a mom is holding onto my patience when the kids don't do what I want them too. Today? I'm thinking it may be a wild day… LOL

  2. Ali

    The best part is discovering the world through my children.The hardest part is remembering that these are God's children first, and His plan for them is much greater than mine will ever be.And being a mom today is a gift.

  3. The best part about being a mom is that your kids really do love you unconditionally, and that really helps to remind me of God's unconditional love for me. The hardest part about being a mom is not always having the time or energy to give them the 110% percent they deserve. Being a mom today is full of challenges, but the rewards far outweigh them!

  4. Best part: How much love and joy my life gained when my little ones came into the world. To be able to feel proud and impressed and laughter and hope multiplied by every single one of them is just awesome.Hardest: Life lessons. Them growing up and not being able to shield them from pain.Being a mom today is living how Christ would have us live. Being a mom is BEING who you want your kids to be.

  5. Best thing: when my children come up to me out of the blue and say "I love you." It's makes me forget everything else.Hardest thing: the struggle between my desire to help them grow and learn but, at the same time, wanting to keep them little for as long as possible.Today: It's exhausting, chaotic, thank-less at times……but I wouldn't want it any other way. God has truly blessed me as a mother beyond my wildest imagination.Thanks, Genny, for reminding me today what a gift I have been given!

  6. The best part of being a mom is snuggles, kisses, hugs, "I loves yous."The hardest thing about being a mom is seeing your child sad, or hurting or struggling with something and not being able to "fix" it.Being a mom today is beautiful…just like yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that…

  7. The best part about being a mom is…watching kids grow, learn, play and interact and witnessing the little moments like when sister hugs brother and says "I love you little boy"The hardest thing about being a mom is…Being patient and consistent — both when it comes to setting rules and when their needs/wants conflict with your own.Being a mom today is…"always never the same" to quote a song. Though the basics of each day are the same, often to the point of boredom, something unexpected (sometimes good, sometimes bad) usually happens too.

  8. The best part about being a mom is knowing that no matter how tough life gets or how bad it seems I have two little hearts that love me because I am their mom not because of anything else.The hardest part about being a mom is feeling like every time they make a bad grade, don't make the team or even break-up with their girlfriend that it is your fault and you hear the word FAIL in your head.Being a mom today is my saving grace. If I had not had my two boys then I think I would probably have given up on life a long time ago. They are my reason to live DAILY!!!!

  9. Wow, the best thing about being a mom is the fact that we (yeah, just girls) get to say, "I carried you for nine months; I nursed you even longer; and I will be physically connected to you till the day I die." But the love is forever…

  10. The best part about being a mom is the wonder of watching them grow and learn, of watching their characters form, one action, one mannerism, at a time. It's like watching God create the universe, in miniature.The hardest thing about being a mom is finding balance: between Me and Them, between Husband and Them, between leniency and reigidity, between "helicopter parenting" and benign neglect.Being a mom today…well, I imagine it's a lot like motherhood has been throughout the ages.

  11. The best thing about being a mommy is when you see your children being kind and loving to others. The hardest part about being a Mommy is remembering to be patient and being the ultimate model of God's love (even when you're having a horrible day).Being a mommy today is a blessing.

  12. The best part about being a mom is…knowing that you have an impact on the most important thing in the world- another life. The hardest thing about being a mom is…finding the time juggle everything and learning along the way. Being a mom today is…exhausting!

  13. The best part of being a mom is getting to know your children: the weight of their bodies in your arms, their warmth, their squishy baby kisses, their funny stories and their endless imaginations.The hardest part of being a mom is trying to keep up with all that love and affection and need.And being a mom today is full of possibilities.

  14. The best part about being a mom is all of the cuddles and hugs that I receive on a daily basis from my sweet boy. The hardest part is keeping my temper in check when he misbehaves. And being a mom today means rolling with the punches and understanding that at 2 my child already knows more about technology than I did at 20!

  15. You know, I say this again and again, but the best thing about being a mother is witnessing God's grace in action. And that is the hardest part, too, because by surrending myself and my children and my will and my actions, I am totally at the mercy of His grace! Even knowing with my very soul, that He is faithful, it is hard to surrender. But being a mom today is an honor. Though my children are not my own (they are His!), I have been entrusted with their lives and how awesome that is!

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