The most relaxing place…

Welcome to Talkin’ About Thursdays! Today we’re talking about your favorite place to relax.

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One of my favorite places to relax might seem like an unlikely spot–an old chair with a worn table in front of it…

But let me tell you a little bit about this chair.

It sits in a quiet corner of one of my favorite coffee shops.

The coffee shop is one of those places where people know your name and ask how you’re doing when you walk in.

On cold days, the fireplace warms the room. And around Christmastime, carols play in the background.

The smells of coffee and cinnamon and spice fill the air.

This is the chair I often write in, the sun shining through the window and warming my shoulders as I type.

This is the chair from which I’ve seen many things that have touched my heart, too… a father and daughter meeting for breakfast, friends having coffee together after not seeing each other for a long time, a teenager pouring her heart out to her mom.

This is the chair I finished writing my middle grade novel in, free from the distractions of the phone or the laundry or the to-do list that always seem to beckon me when I’m at home.

And sitting in this chair,

in this corner of the coffee shop,

writing to my heart’s content…

is what I call relaxing. :)

What about you? Want to join the conversation? Write your own favorite place to relax post, link back here (you can copy my button at the top of this post if you want), then come back and enter the URL in the link list.

Don’t forget to read and comment on each other’s posts, too. I look forward to seeing where you’ve been relaxing.


  1. Genny, I've been wanting to do this more often. Loved participating a few weeks ago in your Talkin' About Thursdays! I've been in the middle of a blog redesign (and jury duty and a sick kid!) But I'll be back soon! Love what you're doing here.

  2. Sounds like heaven. I wish I had a place like that. I'm about to post my relaxing place but unfortunately it's not someplace I can go regularly like yours :(

  3. Genny, I had so much fun writing about this! And you made me think of Yosemite and go through my photos and that was a welcome break in my day! Thanks. :)

  4. Sue

    That is so cool Genny! I never think to go outside my house to write. Could be why my writing stinks – lolThanks for sharing your relaxing spot!

  5. I didn't have a chance to write a post on this subject–my little ones are sick, and of course there's the house to keep and the book to write ;) …but as I read this morning I'm thinking of those few times when very active little ones decide to snuggle. Motion is distracting. Distraction is not relaxing. When they snuggle…ah, that's a moment of relaxation in the middle of chaos.

  6. Eve

    It sounds like a perfect spot. I love comfy coffee shops during the holidays (who am I kidding, I love them all year round)! ;)

  7. Suddenly, the theme song to Cheers popped up in my head, "where everyone knows your name." Sounds like my kind of coffee shop.

  8. That DOES look like a cozy spot.I actually prefer to write at home. When I am at home, I am "in my element." I especially like sitting on our brown leather couch…or at the desk in my office (next to the window).

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